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The plan for employment of released prisoners is in force

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The plan for employment of released prisoners is in force


The Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) invites companies to take advantage of the Incentive Plan for Labor Rehabilitation of Released Prisoners implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance.

As it notes in its announcement, the subsidy plan for labor rehabilitation of prisoners remains in force.

The total amount that will be allocated is € 4,000,000 and the sponsorship is granted for 24 months of employment with a maximum possible grant of € 20,640, ie € 860 per month.

For more information, interested parties can contact Ms. Elli Nikolaou at: 22443709/22443717.

Below are the desired occupations of the released prisoners, according to what they have stated:

1. Other unskilled workers

2. Other information providers m.a.t.

3. Couriers, distributors, porters and porters of luggage

4. Unskilled manufacturing workers, etc.

5. Unskilled workers in road construction and similar constructions

6. Unskilled construction workers

7. Nursing staff assistants

8. Air traffic controllers

9. Furniture makers and similar craftsmen

10. Store Supervisors

11. Supervisors, foremen and construction supervisors

12. Employees in ambulances

13. Building electricians and the like

14. Cleaners for offices, hotels and other premises

15. Bricklayers and related work Cooks

16. Vehicle engineers and repairmen

17. Carpenters and carpenters (incl. Manufacturers and applicators of structural metal products (aluminum and iron)

18. Drivers of cars, taxis, small trucks and vans

19. Truck and heavy truck drivers

20. Salesmen in stores

21. Waiters

22. Packers by hand

23. Network and PC technicians

24. Concrete laying and finishing technicians, formwork and blacksmiths (construction)

25. Finishing and bookbinding technicians

26. Call center answering machines

27. Information center information officers

28. Reception staff (general)

29. Guards and porters

30. Crane, hoist and similar equipment operators Cargo operators

31. Financial advisers and investment advisers

Source: www.philenews.com

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