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The planning of the Paphos ETAP for 2022 is already underway

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The planning of the Paphos ETAP for 2022 is already underway

Dora Christodoulou

The Paphos Region Tourism Development and Promotion Company within the framework of planning its action plan for 2022 and through the joint efforts of local agencies, businessmen and the Ministry of Tourism to ensure the leading position of Cyprus and especially the province of Paphos in the field of tourism , has prepared an enhanced action plan for 2022 with a budget of over 435 thousand euros.

The design has already been put into implementation and as reported by those responsible, in addition to operating costs, 80% of the budget for 2022 will be allocated to upgrade the tourism experience offered and investments in the digitization and use of technologies while the remaining 20 % will be invested in targeted actions mainly electronic promotion of the destination and experiences both outside and inside Cyprus.

Paphos is not just a sea and sun tourist destination. It is a destination that, given the diversity and geological characteristics of the region, the unique natural and cultural wealth, the myths and traditions that surround it, can successfully develop several unique experiences and differentiate itself from the competition, point out the tourism operators. industry.

“ETAP Paphos hopes that 2022 will be a year of recovery of arrivals and incomes in order to achieve performance close to those of 2019 so that in the coming years we will return to the growth rates we were in before the pandemic,” they point out. “Despite the special situation, Paphos tourism continues to have as its strategic goals, the upgrading of the offered experience and infrastructure, the expansion of the air connection and the operation of the destination on a year-round basis.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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