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The popular composer and poet Kostis Kosteas passed away

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The popular composer and poet Kostis Kosteas passed away

The founder and teacher of the SYKALY Solution Artists Group, Kostis Kosteas, passed away yesterday at the age of 96 at his home in Larnaca.

In an announcement on Social Media, the Group states that “we are sad to announce that our great teacher and founder of the Solution Artists Group, has left for the long journey. Have a good trip, teacher, you leave behind a huge unfulfilled gap and no one will ever be able to replace you “. It added that “Details of his funeral will be announced later.”

It is noted that AKEL issued an announcement on the death of Kostis Kosteas, expressing his grief over the death of the artist and emphasizing that he was one of the most important popular creators of Cyprus and a pioneer fighter of our people. As he mentions, Kostis Kosteas left behind his indelible mark on our culture.

The announcement as it is:

AKEL expresses its deepest sorrow for the death of Kostis Kosteas, one of the most important popular creators of Cyprus and a pioneer fighter of our people. Researcher and at the same time creator of the folk traditions of Cyprus, poet, composer, who with his talent, continuous and painstaking work, his inspiring work, his humanity and his immense kindness, left his indelible mark on our culture. Kostis Kosteas, took the initiative, was one of the founders and, at the same time, the soul of the historic Ensemble of Solution Artists, SYKALY, the pioneer and active band of folk dances and music, with dozens of honors inside and outside Cyprus. The founding of SYKALY, in 1961, and above all its action, was for the Cypriot data a completely new approach of the Cypriot music and dance tradition, but also a cut in the cultural and social reality of that time.

The contribution of Kostis Kosteas to the cultural and political events of Cyprus was multidimensional and significant. Although a self-taught composer, he set about composing Byzantine hymns and teaching Byzantine music to young people of Lysis. He wrote music and directed a series of dance dramas that left an era, such as “Romance and Marriage”, “Sta Marmarenia Alonia” and “Vathkies Rizes”. Together with SYKALY he took part in dozens of festivals and events in Cyprus and abroad. Kostis Kosteas wrote music in a series of plays by Pavlos Liasidis (“I Agapi Nikitis”, “Alavrostoisiotis”, “O Monogios”) and Michalis Pasiardis (“To Neron tou Dropi”, “To Gatanin”, In the Soils of Mesarka “Our Alonia in Pano Mahalades”). He also wrote music in works by many poets, including himself, while after the death of the conductor Yagos Souroullas he took over the direction of the choir of “Yagos Souroullas-Municipality of Lysis”. Equally important was the research and promotion of the work of important creators such as Pavlos Liasidis, Michalis Pasiardis, Giagos Souroullas and others.
Remarkable are the honorary distinctions received by Kostis Kosteas and SYKALY, as they were in 1968, the first Prize in the competition of the International Children's Organization CIMEA with the poem “Freedom and Peace” in music by Miki Theodorakis in 1984, in of the FVS Foundation of Hamburg and in 1995, the Cultural Offer Award “Teukros Anthias – Thodosis Pieridis” of K.E. of AKEL.

As a member of AKEL and the Popular Solution Organizations, Kostis Kosteas was distinguished for his progressive ideas, for his continuous and consistent contribution to the people, Solution and Famagusta. Until the end, he remained faithful to the idea of returning to his beloved Solution, which he praised in many of his works, but he also remained faithful to the ideas of the Left, the ideas of social justice and humanity. Finally, he occasionally served as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Lysis.

AKEL expresses its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, especially to his wife Panagiotas and his children Kyriakos, Tasos and Miki, as well as to the entire family of SYKALY.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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