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The position of the PtD for a solution is unshakable, the YPES assured the General Assembly of Occupied Communities

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    Ακλoνητη η θση η ;ου ΠτΔ για λyση, διαβεβαΙωσε τη Γ Σ κατεχoμενων κοινοτorτων ο ΥΠΕΣ

    The greeting of the Minister of Interior to the General Assembly of the Union of Occupied Communities of Nicosia District

    The declared determination, political will and unwavering position of the President of the Republic to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, the Minister of the Interior Konstantinos Ioannou emphasized in his greeting at the annual General Assembly of the Union of Occupied Communities of the Nicosia District, noting that with targeted initiatives, a meaningful dialogue is sought for a comprehensive settlement in the Cyprus issue.

    He added that a solution is sought that will be based on the principles of international and European law, will end the occupation, will rid the island of Turkish troops and will ensure the human rights and freedoms of all Cypriots.

    This year marks half a century of occupation and refugees, yet the desire for freedom remains unquenchable, he said and went on to say that specific actions of the Cypriot Government, in the international and European community led to the appointment of the Secretary General's personal envoy, who is currently investigating the ground for a return to negotiations.

    He also stressed that the readiness of the Greek Cypriot side is a given and the goal of preventing the fait accompli is non-negotiable, adding that the maintenance of the existing status quo cannot be accepted.

    < p>“Despite Turkish intransigence, we will continue to claim what rightfully belongs to us until the final vindication and reunification of our homeland and people, in conditions of progress, democracy and peace,”, he further stated.

    He then said that the action and work of the three provincial Associations (Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta), under the umbrella of the Union of Occupied Communities, is particularly important, especially in terms of supporting the refugee community.

    Regarding the refugee world, the Minister of the Interior said that the Government of Nikos Christodoulidis, in the context of its refugee policy, has implemented and launched a series of actions for the universal support of the displaced.

    Among them, it was mentioned in the “ktiZO” Project, which aims to definitively solve the long-standing problem of the unsuitability of apartment buildings in government settlements, with a budget of €131 million. He added that “soon we expect the start of construction of the first new apartment buildings”.

    He then stated that the Home Office, effective January 1 this year, has revised upwards the amount of rent subsidies given through the Rent Subsidy Scheme for Displaced Persons, Ill Persons and Other Persons and specifically a 15% increase for single people, families and students and to 25% for families of two people. He added that the revision affects approximately 4,500 beneficiaries, with a total expenditure of €8.5 million.

    He also noted the reinstatement of the Scheme for the Separation and Concession of Plots and that a number of plots have already been allocated to beneficiaries.

    He also referred to the modernization of the way Turkish Cypriot properties are managed, in a way that ensures the interests of the refugee world, with transparency and meritocracy, and reminded that since last August, the control of all Turkish Cypriot business real estate lease contracts is progressing.

    < p>“So far, 2/3 of the contracts have been checked and violations of the leases have been found in 416 cases, for which we are already promoting measures, based on the legislation, to recover the properties and grant them to other beneficiaries according to the criteria& #8221?, he added.

    He also said that the Ministry of the Interior has covered the total cost of €200,000 for the renovation of the former SPE Aglantzia building, which now houses the Union of Occupied Communities of the Nicosia District and the Municipality Morphou.

    Additionally, he said, it was decided that starting this year, the annual grant granted by the Ministry of the Interior to the 137 occupied Communities to cover their operating expenses will increase from €1,000 to €2,000 for each one and he reminded that from January 2023, pension compensation is given to the former Mayors of the occupied Communities equal to 50% of the compensation received by the Mayors of the free areas.

    Finally, he assured of the will and intention of the Government to continue to support the displaced and the institutionalized groups that represent them, strengthening its policies.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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