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The possibilities of Renewable Energy Sources are rising to new levels

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Conercon Energy Solutions offers a variety of products for all types of installations

ΑνεβαΙνουν σε νΕα επΙπεδα ο ι δυνατoτητες των Ανανεoσιμων Π ηγoν Ενeργειας

With over 18 years of experience in the Cypriot solar energy production market, Conercon Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Lanitis Energy, is a pioneer in this field. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies in the field of solar energy generation and conservation, the company innovates in the design, sale, installation and maintenance of large-scale solar parks, as well as high-end systems for residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Conercon Energy Solutions is worth noting that to date:

• Has successfully supplied PV installations exceeding 100MW.
• Served more than 10,000 households and 120 industrial/commercial buildings, which reduced electricity consumption.
• Installed and maintains large PV parks with a total power of more than 50MW.

The company offers a variety of products for all types of installations, perfectly aligning all relevant factors to ensure the ultimate goal: the highest performance of the systems, and the assurance of quality for customers as well as the necessary collateral for investors.

Long-term strategic plan

Conercon Energy Solutions follows a long-term strategic plan, through the careful selection of partners and suppliers in Cyprus and abroad, who are the most respected names in the global field of Renewable Energy Sources. These include companies such as Luxor, Azzurro, Huawei, Kostal and Tigo. With all the companies it works with, there are long-term agreements and it represents them as an Authorized Service Partner in the Cypriot market, for the immediate response and resolution of problems that may arise during the operation of photovoltaic systems.

Constantly next to the customer

With an excellent technical department, both in equipment and manpower, and the trusting relationships it builds with customers, Conercon Energy Solutions stands firmly by the customer's side after the initial investment, while providing the full range of technology services and of expertise in the field of photovoltaic systems, such as:

• Business-to-Business (B2B, Wholesale)
• Residential and commercial photovoltaic systems
• Net Metering, Net Billing &amp ; Virtual Metering
• Installation of large photovoltaic parks
• Maintenance of photovoltaic parks (After Sales Service)

Led by photovoltaic systems, the development of Renewable Energy Sources is growing rapidly. Renewable Energy Sources are at the forefront of Europe's response to the energy crisis and “are an important factor in making the energy supply not only cleaner, but also safer and more affordable,” as IOE Executive Director Fatih Birol said.

Conercon Energy Solutions considers the use of solar energy a priority, describing the shift to green energy as the only way to reduce dependence on traditional forms of energy and reverse the climate change that threatens the planet.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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