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The Practice of Relation – Casts of an Island parallel sessions

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The Practice of Relation – Casts of an Island parallel sessions

Casts Of An Island

    Starting June 29, the PSI Foundation will host artists every Saturday at 7:30 PM for presentations and discussions related to the exhibition &# 8220;Casts of an Island.”

    These sessions will explore various themes and examine how artists connect their work to the broader world.

    Through reflections on “practices of relevance” and a focus on artistic practices, the discussions will illuminate different aspects of belonging, critical thinking, and the role of art in processes of remembrance and healing.

    The first session on June 29 focuses on a key conceptual aspect of the exhibition: how artists engage with real or imagined spaces to investigate layers of time and memory. This exploration often reveals a coexistence of contrasts: revelation and erasure, creation and destruction, the accidental and the intentional, much like a palimpsest—a surface that hosts the present over traces of the past.

    Artist Kyriaki Kosta will be featured, with her works “Near Far” and “As the Rock Wears Out” exemplifying this approach. She will discuss her creative process, highlighting her practice of weaving stories and thoughts and her methods of recording and imprinting. The session will conclude with a presentation of her films and an open discussion.

    Kyriaki Kosta is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, focusing on art as an anthropological practice. Her work merges myth and history, philosophy and ecological concerns. She collaborates with professionals from various fields, including craftsmen and technology specialists, to create artworks and installations.

    Kosta often develops participatory environments and stages social and political interventions that critique diverse contexts. Her work has been widely exhibited and recognized nationally and internationally, forming part of private, public, and state art collections. Since 2015, she has served as the artistic coordinator of the NGO Faneromeni 70 in Nicosia.

    Throughout July, additional presentations will feature artists Elina Ioannou, Stelios Kallinikou, and Fanos Kyriakou. These parallel activities are curated by art theorist and curator Evagoras Vanezis.

    The “Casts of an Island” exhibition, curated by art collector Nicos Pattichis, showcases over 100 visual artworks of various media, techniques, and styles, mainly by Cypriot artists. These works have been collected with passion and care over the past 35 years.

    The exhibition commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1974 Turkish invasion, highlighting a historically tumultuous period for Cyprus marked by numerous efforts for healing and social restructuring amid significant global changes.

    As suggested by the title, the exhibition explores the Cypriot historical and social imagination, presenting a unique polyphony that examines critical issues related to historical memory and social progress.

    The exhibition marks the transformation of the Carob Warehouses—a landmark of Cypriot Modernism on Limassol’s waterfront industrial front—into a major art space.

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