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The president of LOATI blames the far-right as the perpetrators of the attack on TEPAK

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The position that the hooded men who invaded the event of FETEPAK and Accept – LOATI Cyprus, in TEPAK, are far-right elements, expressed the President of the organization Nikolas Tryfon, condemning last night's incident.

In a statement to the KYPE, the President of  Accept – LGBT Cyprus stated that the organization condemns the incident but at the same time welcomes the appointment of the new President of the Republic and the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights.

“There is also support from TEPAK and the students “, said Mr. Tryfon, indicating that the organization was at the University at the invitation of the students themselves, “who demand Education and response to their needs”.

At the same time, he said that a similar incident was recorded last September, in the context of the organization's event at TEPAK, on ​​the occasion of the 2022 Pride March, where hooded men invaded the hall and threw leaflets in favor of the traditional family, as he said.

He asserted that “it is positions and statements from far-right elements or even the church, which lead to such wrong and invalid perceptions of the society we live in or want to live in” and that “the silence and non-taking of a position, by some, based on reality, they lead to these phenomena”.

When asked about this, Mr. Tryfon stated that, as in the previous incident in September, “it is a given that they are far-right elements” and explained that the organization she is not afraid and continues her work.

“We are trying to create a society where everyone is accepted and no one bothers anyone”, he said and added that “when you know you are doing the right thing and especially for the youth of tomorrow, nothing stops you”.

< p>However, he continued, “some people believe that, in a democracy, they can and should impose their beliefs on others” while expressing the hope that there will be a result from the Police investigations.

“Disobedience and non-compliance with the law”

The members of the LGBTI community have been victims of attacks and hate speech on at least three different occasions, in the last two months or so, with the vice president of the organization asking for intervention from the state, so that the laws are respected.

As he said speaking to the REPORTER, such incidents as what was witnessed last night by members of the organization, should not only worry them, but should worry the society and the Police. “It seems that there is no longer any fear that they will carry out such acts, because there is indecency and the laws on hate speech are not respected. The hate speech we receive is rampant, both in our daily lives and with messages on social media”.

At the same time, he expressed concern about the fact that the people who went to the event were organized and that these are young people who are bred from hatred, from within society itself.

“When the politicians who vote for these people express positions against our community and there are no consequences, they feel they can do the same, without being punished”, he said.

The members of the LGBTI community are waiting for the completion of the investigations by the Police, so that the identities of the unknown hoodlums can be revealed and they will be punished according to the law.

Finally, the vice president of the organization thanked the members of the Police for their immediate response, as well as the newly elected president who condemned the incident and expects all parties to do the same.

It is recalled that the incident took place on Wednesday night, when about ten people, with persons invaded the auditorium, attacked the attendees using a fire extinguisher and shouting homophobic slogans, while they punched a 21-year-old who tried to push them away.

The 21-year-old was taken to the hospital and after receiving first aid he was discharged.

The police should proceed with an investigation to locate them, taking statements from the persons who were in the area and with the help of the closed circuits of the building.


Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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