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The President opens his papers on Cyprus in Strasbourg. In the audience and Turkish parliamentarians

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    ΑνοΙγει τα χαρτ ιτου για Κυπριακo στο Στρασβο yργο ο Πρoεδρος. Στο ακροατorριο κ&alpha

    President Christodoulidis is preparing a dramatic appeal for the Cyprus issue from the floor of the Plenary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council – In the audience and the delegation of Turkey – In a week, the “lies” about Tatars will end – The effort of the new personal messenger begins next Tuesday

    In a audience of 46 delegations, the President of the Republic will present his thoughts and concerns on the Cyprus issue in the afternoon. His speech before the plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg is scheduled to start at 15:30 (Cyprus time). An address that is of particular interest as theoretically in the seats will be present and the delegation of Turkey, which has been a member of the international organization since 1949.

    Nikos Christodoulidis intends to use the stage to talk about the current phase in the Cyprus conflict, with emphasis on the imminent launch of the new personal envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Cyprus conflict.< /strong> Exactly one week before the arrival of Maria Angela Holguín Quellar on the island for her first meetings with the two leaders.

    She will give emphasis on the role of the international actor, asking for the contribution of the states – members of the Councilin the efforts made to restart the talks in accordance with the parameters of the UN and the resolutions of the Security Council. With the intended goal of a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation.

    50 years is a long time, the President will indicateexplaining that the current status quo in Cyprus is not a solution for the Greek Cypriot side. Just as the dramatic stagnation of recent years is not an option, due to Turkish efforts to derail the agreed framework.

    “Rehearsal” for Holgin

    It is the argument that Nikos Christodoulidis intends to develop before the personal envoy who arrives in Cyprus on January 29and a day later he will have the first round of contacts with the two leaders. The first stop will be the Presidential Palace for the meeting with the President of the Republic and then he will go to the occupied territories to see the Turkish Cypriot leader.

    For now he remains in the frame as a possibility to hold a second round of meetings between principal Holgin with Christodoulidis and Tatar. At the same time there is the possibility of arranging a joint meeting of the envoy with the two leaders. The Turkish Cypriot leader recently stated that he proposed holding such a meeting, despite the fact that up until now, as many times as it had been put on the table as a proposal (either with Lut in the past, or with Di Carlo, or with Guterres himself) he did everything to don't happen.

    His true intentions will become clear next week, but until then his public positions leave no room for positive developments in the Cyprus issue. Again and again, Ersin Tatar repeats at every opportunity that the talks will start again only after his demand for sovereign equality is met.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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