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The President praised the resilience of shipping

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The President praised the resilience of shipping

He referred to the growing trend in the establishment of shipping companies in Cyprus

The resilience shown by the shipping sector despite the adverse conditions created by the pandemic was praised by the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis at a dinner hosted in his honor by the Cyprus Shipowners' Association, in Athens.

President Anastasiadis underlined the contribution of the shipping sector to the Cypriot economy, which amounted to 7% of the country's Gross Domestic Product, as well as the fact that the merchant fleet had recently exceeded 25 million in total capacity.

At the same time, he referred to the growing trend in the establishment of shipping companies in Cyprus, which, as he said, is a vote of confidence in the policies pursued by the government to upgrade services to shipowners, shipowners and ship managers, who choose Cyprus as the basis of business their activities.

He said that the Government's appreciation and sensitivity towards its shipping partners is demonstrated by the immediate response to the humanitarian issue of the seafarers' confinement, with the change of crews and the repatriation of more than 25 thousand seafarers from the Cypriot ports. He also referred to the implementation by the Government of a national program for vaccination coverage of 40 thousand sailors employed on ships under the Cypriot flag or on ships managed by Cyprus.

“What I would like to emphasize is that, within the framework of the European Union guidelines – and I justify the bitterness that distinguishes those involved in shipping for EU policies – it is constantly vigilant so that by evaluating we can update the tax and other incentives, always on the basis of your own suggestions “, he said.

“This is because as a responsible Government we are fully aware that in order to maintain and further strengthen the competitiveness of the Cypriot shipping, it is necessary to establish strong cooperation links between the Regulatory Authorities and the shipping industry, both nationally and regionally and internationally. “, the President underlined and added that the operation of the Ministry of Shipping has strengthened these synergies, while allowing the State to share the challenges facing the industry and to form through constructive dialogue, initiatives to further support the sector.

He also said that the shipping tax framework, which enjoys the approval of the European Commission, has recently been strengthened with further incentives for environmentally friendly ships, in an effort to reward shipowners' efforts to meet the challenge of green transformation.

At the same time, he noted, the digital transformation at the Ministry of Shipping has accelerated, a development that, as he said, will improve the service provided to the shipping industry through the creation of a one-stop-shop. “This project has been included in the Cyprus Recovery and Sustainability Plan, and therefore there are the relevant resources required for the implementation of the project,” he said.

The President of the Republic also referred to the strategic vision of the Government in order for the Cypriot shipping to become even more flexible, competitive and modern, at the same time strengthening its leading presence in the global and European shipping events.

“This plan includes 35 targeted actions, while adapting the Organizational Structure and the practices of the Ministry to the challenges and emerging opportunities to ensure a sustainable future for Cypriot shipping,” he noted.

Among the actions that will be promoted, added President Anastasiadis, “as an indication only, I mention, because the plan and the whole strategy has been prepared after consultations of the Deputy Minister with the Cyprus Shipowners' Union and not only, so it reflects what its current needs dictate “: The formation of a special framework for the creation of a Limited Liability Shipping Company. In this direction, the Government is already at the stage of submitting a relevant bill “.

Secondly, he said, “strengthening the staffing of the network of Shipping Offices of the Republic of Cyprus abroad, Creation of a user-friendly Electronic Maritime Library – the so-called e-Maritime Library – through which information and tracking of shipping and law Circulars, announcements and instructions issued by the state, Creation of an “Electronic Support Office” – the so-called e-Helpdesk – which will act as a single point of contact, in order to respond to all the requests of the shipping companies through an online mobile application. tools to encourage research and innovation in shipping “.

The President stated that the whole strategy was the result of consultations of the competent Undersecretary with the competent bodies, with the prominent Cypriot Shipowners' Association, the President and the Board of Directors of which he congratulated for the work they perform.

For his part, the President of the Cyprus Shipowners' Association, Andreas Hatzigiannis, said, among other things, that “we are all witnesses of the priority of the President personally, and of his Government with the issues of shipping. We have documented the exceptional abilities of the President in highlighting and promoting the interest of the Cypriot economy, but also of the national shipping “. He added: “It is paradoxical that the EU has not recognized and given shipping its rightful place in practice. “The EU cannot play its international role with demands if it does not safeguard the competitiveness of its merchant fleet.”

Finally, the President of the Cyprus Shipowners' Association presented the President of the Republic with a marble specimen of the ancient Greek amulet, the original of which was found in the new Paphos a few years ago.

For his part, the President of the Republic donated a copy of the Kyrenia ship, which, as he said, “is perfectly compatible with what begins in antiquity and reaches to this day your wonderful works.”

At the dinner, the President of the Republic was accompanied by his wife Andri Anastasiadis, while those present were also Ministers of the Government.


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