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The Presidential Palace was illuminated in blue. “Next to patients with rare diseases”

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    Illumination of the Presidential Palace – World Rare Disease Day

    The Ministry of Health supports patients with rare diseases, said Michalis Damianos

    The The Ministry of Health supports the provision of holistic healthcare services especially for patients with rare diseases, said the Minister of Health, Michalis Damianos, addressing an event organized by the Thursday at the Presidential Palace the National Commission for Rare Diseases under the title “We are all rare”, in the context of World Rare Disease Day.

    It is noted that in the context of the event held under the auspices of the First Lady, Philippa Karsera- Christodoulidis, who also addressed the attendees, the Presidential Palace was illuminated in blue, with the aim of raising the awareness of agencies and the public about Rare Diseases, as well as about their multiple and multidimensional consequences in the lives of patients.

    “In every corner of our country there are people who fight daily with diseases that are rare in their appearance but not in the value of our attention,” said the Minister of Health, pointing out that “it is our duty as society, to stand by them, to provide them with the support and care they need and to work to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs as citizens are recognized”.

    In this context, as he said, the Government has undertaken specific initiatives to improve care and support for people with rare diseases.

    “The Ministry of Health, and through the General Health System, supports the provision of holistic health care services especially for patients with rare diseases,”, stressed Mr. Damianos. “We work closely with the specialized teams of health professionals, ensuring not only diagnosis and treatment but also the psychosocial support required, as the challenges faced by patients with rare diseases are special and require multidisciplinary collaboration and the support of all of us& #8221;, he added.

    “However, the challenges are not only administrative or legislative, but also social. We need a real change of mindset and attitude towards people with rare diseases. We need understanding and solidarity, indicated the Minister of Health.

    He then expressed his admiration for the work carried out by the National Committee for Rare Diseases and thanked all the agencies involved. for their presence at the event. As he said, “we are all together in this effort, which aims to create an environment in which each person will receive personalized health care according to their needs and will receive all the psychosocial support that their course requires disease of”.

    Furthermore, he called on stakeholders to join forces together with the Ministry of Health and commit to creating a society that treats diversity with respect and love.

    “Let us work together for a future where no one will feel alone in their struggle”, he concluded.

    Source: KYPE

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