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The press on the elections – “Continuing on the road with Erdogan”

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Ο τ/κ Τύπος για τις εκλογeς - «Συνeχεια στον δρoμ&omicron ; με τον Eρντογαν»

The result of β’ round of the presidential elections in Turkey and the re-election of Tayyip Erdogan to the presidency is the main topic of today's Turkish Cypriot press.

According to the GTP, under the title "One and only man won", Avrupa writes that for another 5 years there will be no peace in both Turkey and Cyprus and adds that "Turkey once again surrendered to lies , in forgery, in ignorance and in tyranny». "May 28 became the day that Turkey passed from darkness to the darkness of God. This theocracy will live our community as well, of course. If we don't leave submission and start organizing today, our annihilation will accelerate even more. 

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Under the title "Two different Turkeys", Jeni Duzen writes that Turkey held its elections and Erdogan emerged victorious. According to the newspaper, the second round of the election was inconclusive until the last moment, but Erdogan won by a narrow margin. "The results show that the voters in Turkey were divided in two, the profile of two different Turks appeared", he claims, noting that Erdogan received 52.14% of the votes and Kemal Kilicadaroglu 47.86%.

< p>"Continuing on the road with Erdogan" is the title of Halkin Sesi, who points out that Erdogan received 2.5 million more votes than Kilicdaroglu and came first in 52 of Turkey's 81 provinces, while his opponent managed to secure the lead in only 29 provinces. In the vote in the occupied territories, the winner was again Kemal Kilicdaroglu with 58.15% of the votes against Erdogan's 41.85%.

The newspaper highlights Erdogan's statement that “the winner of the election is the 85 million [Turkish citizens]. Today only Turkey won. We opened the door to the Century of Turkey without concessions from our democracy, our development, our goals».

With the title «Approved by the Turkish people», Dialogue writes that thanking the citizens who supported it , Erdogan also sent a message about the municipal elections to be held in 2024, asking his followers if they are ready to win Istanbul.

Under the title “Turkey has made its decision in the 2nd round: Erdogan again”, Vatan writes that after his victory the Turkish President said: “After the elections are over, we will now devote all our time and all our energy in work, in the production of works, in the provision of service. The most urgent matter of the coming days is to overcome the problems arising from the price increases caused by inflation, to restore the losses of prosperity.

Entitled "Turkey Has Not Changed Him", Jeni Bakis writes that despite the fact that Kilicdaroglu won the elections in places such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Adana and Diyarbakir, Erdogan's they were larger in provinces that experienced the recent devastating earthquake such as Hatay and Antiyaman.

Titled "Turkey's century won", Gunes writes that "Turkey said stability" and that Erdoğan emerged victorious once again setting a record in an election in which he has participated since 1994.

The newspaper reports that after Erdoğan's victory, it started to “rain” the congratulatory messages from all parts of the world. Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar also sent congratulations to Erdogan, who said "I congratulate you with my most sincere and heartfelt feelings for the victory you achieved in the presidential elections which were held with a great example of democracy and the great participation of the Turkish people".

Statements and Articles

"I would like to congratulate Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan on being elected the 13th President of the Republic of Turkey. “Undoubtedly, regardless of who is in power in Turkey, it is in the common interest of both sides to work harmoniously and in close cooperation, especially on the Cyprus issue and the issues of the Eastern Mediterranean,” said the leader of the People's Party (KP). , Kudret Ozersai.

"We should continue to speak clearly about the Cyprus issue and related issues, as well as about the economic, social and administrative policies, which we believe are wrong. The results of the ballot box in the tdvk should also be taken into account. In this context, I think there is a need to review certain approaches» he said, referring to the pseudo-state.

Besides, in his article, the columnist, Cenk Mutlouyakali entitled “The split in Turkey, the objection in Cyprus” begins by writing that “Erdogan's last term began in Turkey.” The worst possible result was recorded at the ballot box. I don't mean it in terms of Erdogan's victory… It's different&hellip? The country was literally split in two.

Mutluyakali added that it was a very undemocratic election process,  all the possibilities of the state were used in favor of power. But, he notes, "from now on Erdogan will live in every word and deed with the feeling that 'half the country doesn't think like you.'' He will know that he does not have the approval of one of the two people he sees on the street. One of the two people has made up his mind, he will not give up, he will understand (Erdogan). It will face a much stronger and more vigorous opposition.

"Turkey will not be able to continue with such an 'oppressive' style, this "polarization" at some point it will collapse. You can't see half the country as 'terrorists'. How would you come face to face with a homosexual, with a member of the HDP? The social peace has been so shaken, many different groups have been targeted. With this truth, a country cannot be normalized.

Regarding Cyprus, Moutlouyakali considers that Turkey's interventionist perception of the island has been lost. "The Turkish electorate in Cyprus – which includes both Cypriots and a significant number of Turkish citizens – did not approve of the Erdoğan mentality» he mentioned.

"I think our main concern will be the Turkish lira…There is a crazy loss of the TL" says. 80% of bank deposits are in foreign currency, he notes saying that even public funds are saved in foreign currency. But pensioners, civil servants and insured people are also paid with TL, he added, emphasizing that the purchasing power is decreasing day by day, the money in their pockets is disappearing, the retirement allowance is losing its meaning.

"Here, why' Cyprus needs to be freed from all these components. When people look at Turkey, they want to see smiling faces, a happy society, a growing economy… They also want respect. Respect for their identity, personality, institutions, values ​​and freedoms… This is what the election results showed.

He believes, concluding that "we must protect our independence, our will and our freedoms both at the level of economy and democracy. We have the manpower to achieve this. Those who want to protect Cyprus from the regressive perception in Turkey are much more in our country than the servile ones. concludes.

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