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The previously missing commando Christakis Alexandrou was buried

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<p data-block-key=The previously missing commando Christakis Alexandrou (Alexandroides), who fell on July 22, was buried on Sunday at the Holy Church of Agios Dimitrios in Nicosia of 1974 in the area of ​​Temples.

The funeral was held in the presence of the Minister of Defense Vassilis Palmas, who delivered the eulogy highlighting his sacrifice.< /p>

The bones of Christakis Alexandros were located and identified as part of the Exhumation and Identification of Remains program of the Missing Persons Investigation Committee.

Alexandrou, as the Minister of Defense said, in the extensive reference to his bravery and sacrifice, in 1974, served his military service in the 33rd Commando Squadron, which was based in Pella-Pais and was among the commandos that conquered the Peaks of Pentadaktylos that were unhooked were surrounded by Turkish troops, giving hand-to-hand combat.

The Minister of Defense also reported that according to the testimonies of his fellow soldiers, Christakis, although wounded gravely, he fought bravely to the last moment, offering cover for them to withdraw and save themselves, and just before he fell dead from the fire of the Turks who approached the position where he was, he exclaimed “Long live Greece”.

Source: KYPE

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