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The price list of firewood, points of sale and bells to the outlaws

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Ο τιμοκατλο&gamma ;ο&sigmaf? και οι καμπανες στους παρανομου &sigmaf?

The Department of Forestry is on alert, as winter has begun to set in and a large portion of citizens are looking for wood and trunks of various trees, with the ultimate goal of burning them in fireplaces or wood stoves, to warm the hot evenings that are to follow . After all, since the price of fuel and heating oil is on the rise, most people are looking for more economical solutions to keep warm. 

The prices of firewood that the Forestry Department has they seem to start at 60 euros per cubic meter for acacias and 80 euros for pines, together with eucalyptus. Speaking to REPORTER the press representative of the Department of Forestry, George Constantinou, stated that “there is a demand for firewood from the public, but we urge those interested to be informed through our website about licensed firewood dealers, those who are legally entitled to sell firewood and the public to he takes offers from them, as we have little availability”.

In fact, even the prices of firewood from licensed dealers seem to have increased compared to previous years. The Department of Forests, however, for its part, has not imposed any increase. “However, private individuals, due to fuel and the current economic crisis, have imposed some increases. But people are better advised to take offers for the purchase of firewood.

At the same time, it seems that there are quite a few illegals, who rush to various forests to cut down trees and take the timber with the ultimate goal of using it or reselling it. “We detected several violations, even for illegal logging. We patrol out in the forest and if we see someone cutting illegally then we will report them. We place a lot of emphasis within state forests. We also urge the public, if they see someone or have any information and there is a suspicion that they are cutting down and moving firewood, to immediately inform us and the Police”.

However, the fines that exist for illegal firewood offenders are harsh, as anyone who trades, possesses or transports firewood and does not have the appropriate permit, there is a provision that provides for a 5,000 euro fine or even one year in prison or both. “The citizen who wants to move firewood, needs a permit to move it, meaning that he will move it outside his community. For example, someone who is in Prodromos and has fruit trees and will cut them and transport them to Nicosia, must get a permit and transport ticket from their community leader. When it is given to the firewood dealer, it must be confirmed that he is indeed a licensed firewood dealer, and if the buyer himself will then transport it, then a purchase note must be issued to him by the seller.

The firewood sales centers from the Forestry Department are:

  • Stavros Psokas
  • Gialia
  • Panagia
  • Geroskipou
  • Polemidia
  • Platania
  • Athalassa
  • Larnaca
  • Dekelia

The firewood price list

Ο τιμοκατλογο ς καυσoξυλων, τα σημεiα πoλησης κ&alpha

  Penalties for violators:

Ο τι&mu ;οκαταλογος καυσοξυλων, τα σημε α πoλησης και οι καμπàνες στους π αρανομους

For more information, the public is urged to be informed at www.moa.gov.cy/forest or 22805580 and 22805583

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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