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The priority is the prevalence of justice in our country, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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    The greeting of the Minister of Education at the opening ceremony of the Student Congress of Lyceum Kykkos Α΄ “1974-2024: These hearts are only comfortable in the right”

    The priority of all of us is the prevalence of justice in our country, through finding a functional and sustainable solution, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Dr. Athena Michailidou.

    In her greeting at the opening ceremony of the Student Congress of Lyceum Kykkos I “1974-2024: These hearts are not comfortable except in the right”, she said that what we seek, as the President of the Republic also states, is for Cyprus to be a truly independent state, which will enable all its citizens to coexist and co-create, in conditions of security, peace and stability.

    Counting already 50 years since the black man that July 1974, said the Minister, the people of our country continue to count and mourn its tragic consequences: the violent displacement and the refugee, the dead and the missing, the collapse of the cultural and our religious heritage, the alteration of the demographic character of our island and the flagrant violation of the basic human rights of its citizens. Consequences, he continued, that marked the modern history of our country and constitute its painful reality, defining, at the same time, our own responsibility and duty to fight for the liberation of our occupied territories.

    “From the side we, as the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, continue to vigorously cultivate our goal of “I don't forget, I fight, I claim”, as our debt to the new generation, the future of this place. Strange evidence, today's and so many other events”, he added.

    To achieve the above goal, said Dr. Michailidou, learning from the mistakes and tragic events of the past, we must define our future, through the unanimity, the sameness and the unity of actions.

    “The retrospective look at the black that summer of 74, is an imperative. To learn lessons in relation to the consequences of the civil conflicts of our people. To realize that only through unity can we defend the justice and rights of our people and face the important challenges we are called to manage”, he added.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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