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The problems at TAEP Paphos are serious and unresolved – “We will not become accomplices”

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Σοβαρκαι&λυ τα τα προβλorματα στο ΤΑΕΠ Παφου-&laquo

The problems facing the Accident and Emergencies Department of the Paphos General Hospital remain serious and unresolved, which have been highlighted several times, both by the staff and by patients who visited the First Aid. One of the most serious issues that the TAEP of Paphos Hospital has to deal with is that of understaffing, with doctors being forced to work for more than twelve hours every day to cover the gap and for this reason they announced a three-hour work stoppage, in order to express the their indignation towards the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY) and the Ministry of Health.

The issue of understaffing has arisen for months, creating chain problems mainly for patients, with delays, waiting, and even affecting their health. Besides, it is not the first time that such incidents have become known. At the same time, without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, the hospital's doctors raise various questions and criticize the way they are managed by OKYPY, who find that the same problems exist in other state hospitals, while they do not rule out taking further measures.

As the president of PASYKI Sotiris Koumas explained, speaking to REPORTER, “Paphos General Hospital faces an important issue, that of understaffing, since it has only nine doctors and they work longer hours to get the program out. OKYpY insists that we unfairly accuse him and unfairly announced the three-hour work stoppage and that there is no question of understaffing at the hospital, so an important question arises. Who is right? And if OKYpY is not telling the truth, then  we have a problem, because when someone can't solve an issue, it means they don't care or no one is listening to them to put an end to the problem.”

Mr. Koumas noted that “as PASYKI we will assume our responsibilities, but it is our demand that OKYpY or even the Ministry of Health do the same. OKYpY constantly tries to justify the unjustifiable. There may also be a perception problem about what he manages and what he holds in his hands. You cannot confuse the concepts Emergency Hospital for covid with TAEP and staffing. We do not count the doctors of the Emergency Hospital Ward with the doctors of the TAEP. Also, they have been trying to convince us that the issue will be resolved for months with the announcement of positions. As soon as we announced the work stoppage, the new positions were announced. Why didn't they do it earlier?”.

Asked if they expect any intervention, Mr. Kouloumas said that they are tired of interventions that have no content and do not provide substantial solutions. “We are fed up and tired of the interventions. Someone has to finally answer why all these problems exist. It is something we owe to the patients. We don't want to become complicit in their weaknesses. We are on the front line and we have the responsibility”, he emphasized.

The three-hour work stoppage of the doctors of the TAEP of the Paphos General Hospital will take place on Friday from 09:00 am. until 12:00 noon, however the incidents that need immediate treatment will be served.

The intention of the doctors is to take further reaction measures, possibly also in TAEP of other cities, which are also facing serious problems.

However, the problems in the TAEP do not stop here, since due to the violent incidents that are taking place against the nurses in the hospitals, PASYNO and the General Nursing Staff Branch PASYDY are warning to take measures.< /p>

As the unions note in a relevant announcement, “despite the many efforts and appeals of the unions to take measures to protect nurses during the performance of their duties, the Ministry of Health and OKYpY not only blow the whistle indifferently but and downplay the issue”, the unions add.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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