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The proposal for the purchase of 36,000 tons of grain has passed

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The Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Agriculture for the purchase by the state of a quantity of cereals, namely 36,000 tons of barley and corn, to increase stocks due to the crisis created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Minister of Agriculture assured that the situation is being monitored and if necessary, new orders will be placed.

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& nbsp; “This will give us enough for about a month. “Let me remind you that there are already stocks from the orders of the importers that arrive until the middle of April, so these will be additional quantities and we will continue to monitor the situation daily so that if the need arises, new orders can be placed”, said Costas Kadis after He reminded that the specific provision for state orders exists in the legislation recently adopted, after the abolition of the Cereals Committee, and provides in times of crisis that it can be used to place the same orders. The state.

“We compared the advantages of the state or the importers to manage the cereals that will come to Cyprus both economically and in terms of efficiency and the solution of the management by the importers is preferable so the state will import the cereals and give them to the importers to manage them under specific conditions which will be governed by full “Transparency”, added Mr. Kadis.

“We are monitoring the situation and if the need arises we will take additional actions”, he said.

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