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Sunday, February 5, 2023

The PTA keeps its distance from the “pre-presidency” in view of 2023

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Andreas Pimpisiis

Nikos Anastasiadis wants to keep his distance from what is happening in his own ideological and political space and in the battle that has already begun over who could, on the part of DISY, succeed him in the Presidency of the Republic. Nikos Anastasiadis chooses to keep his papers and thoughts closed regarding the presidential elections.

According to information, in every effort of his close associates to put the issue of Presidential 2023 in their conversation, the President of the Republic cuts them off. At the same time, he clarifies that it is still early for this issue and reminds those who are on the Hill that their job at the moment is the government work and the programs that are being promoted.

As for the public debate and what answers should be given in relation to the Presidential ones, the advice is very clear: Reference to the position made several weeks ago by the President of the Republic himself in a television interview.

This tactic on the part of Nikos Anastasiadis is not accidental, as he wants to avoid turning the Presidential Palace into a theater of internal party confrontation. He wants to let things take their course without him getting involved. That is why he wants to keep his ministers busy with promoting the government's work and to stay away from any controversies recorded in the DISY area in relation to the presidential elections.

In Pindarou they are obviously throwing all the weight of their efforts in the direction of Nikos Christodoulidis, in an attempt to clarify his intentions. The daily interventions of the deputy president of DISY, Haris Georgiadis, aim at pressuring the Minister of Foreign Affairs to reveal his intentions. Ch. Georgiadis, based on what is recorded by the media, demanded from the Foreign Minister to clarify whether he will run as an independent candidate or not. He noted at the same time that he was not asked if he would be a candidate for the presidency since “we have not even announced our congress”.


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The fact that the DISY conference is still far away, seems to give the opportunity to Nikos Christodoulidis not to open his papers so early while prolonging the agony in Pindarou.

Averof Neophytou, in his statements on the sidelines of his visit to the port of Larnaca and when asked to comment on the various scenarios being developed for the presidential elections, said that “we have a lot of time for the presidential elections. Cyprus has a President, a Government. We have national challenges and our concern is the economic, political and social stability of the country “.

We respect, continued the president of DISY, the pollsters, they do their job, to take photos of the moment. “I have said these things as DISY, we will see them at the right time. With a sure decision from now on, DISY will have its own candidate. “Our goal is for the country to remain on the right track, for political, economic and social stability to continue,” he added.

He repeated the answer

The general secretary of AKEL was called yesterday to take a position on the issue of the Presidents and chose to give the same answer as on Sunday.

He specifically stated: “The script is relevant but the script does not correspond, at least as far as AKEL is concerned, in relation to what is being heard. “They do not correspond to reality in the sense that AKEL has not yet discussed in the party bodies” he said and noted that “when and if we discuss we will be able to say more things”.

“DIKO will be in the next government”

The Democratic Party may not know at this time which candidate the party will support or with whom it will cooperate, but they know very well what is required from the 2023 elections. What is required is participation in the next government.

Nikolas Papadopoulos in his statements yesterday stated that “DIKO will make its own decisions, with whom we will cooperate and with whom or which candidate, at the appropriate time within the collective organs of the party. What I can say is that DIKO will be in the next government of the place, as we believe that we can no longer afford not to cooperate in a government and let others make decisions that have led us in recent years to economic and national deadlocks “.

DIKO's political positions for the Presidency will be determined at the January conference. The criteria and political data that will lead to consultation with other political forces will also be defined.

Source: www.philenews.com

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