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The public offer for Amathus Public Limited has been completed

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The team of Plato, Antigone, Joanna and Teresa Lanitis, the team of Kostas, Evagoras and Jason Lanitis, the & nbsp; Marios Lanitis, Isabella Iliadi as well as the companies Lanitis E.C. Holdings Limited and Unity Managers Limited have announced that the public offering of Amathus Public Limited has been completed.

Specifically, the team of Messrs. Plato, Antigone, Joanna and Teresa Lanitis, the team of Messrs. Costa, Evagora and Iasona Lanitis, Mr. Marios Lanitis, Mrs. Isabella Iliadis and the companies Lanitis E.C. Holdings Limited and Unity Managers (Cyprus) Limited (the “Bidders”) announce to the investing public that the process of the total voluntary public offering (the “Public Offering”) for the acquisition of up to 100% of the issued share capital of Amathus Public Limited (“Amathus”, the “Acquired Company”) which was submitted on November 3, 2021 has been completed.

After the final control of the Acceptance and Transfer Forms, the total acceptance percentage of the Public Offer reached 6.737%, as Acceptance and Transfer Forms were submitted for 8,401,476 shares of the Acquired Company, which includes 0.164% of the indirect participation. The total acceptance percentage added to the 85,469% (106,580,351 shares) directly held by the Bidders at the end of the Public Offering on January 25, 2022, ensures to the Bidders a total participation of 92,207% (114,981,827 shares) in the issued Shareholder .

The consideration was paid to the eligible shareholders who accepted the Public Offering through the sending of checks and the execution of bank transfers on Friday, February 11, 2022 and the Offerors proceeded to the over-the-counter transfer of securities through the Contractor Operator, The Cyprus Investment and “CISCO”).

Following the announcement of January 27, 2022 regarding the announcement of the result of the Public Offer, the Bidders intend to exercise the right granted to them by Article 36 of the Law on Public Offer of Acquisition Law, Law 41 (I)/2007 as amended, for right of redemption (Squeeze Out) to acquire 100% of the shares of Amathus in exchange equal to the proposed consideration of € 0.20 per share. This right is exercised within three months from the end of the acceptance period of the Public Offer and the intention of the Bidders is to exercise it as soon as possible.

CISCO acts as the Financial Advisor to the Bidders within and for its purposes Procurement procedure.

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