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The real collaboration

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What is collaboration? If one reads the statements made about the new cooperation, one will realize that it does not differ from the definition it has become in Cyprus in recent decades. A definition – a mode of operation that led to its destruction.

But before I go into collaboration, as a parenthesis let me refer to an important problem of modern societies. Laws and institutions did not create & # 8211; determined the behavior of societies. They influence NAI, they help NAI, they differentiate the evolution of YES, but they do not create it. What happens is the opposite. What societies wanted, what needs they had, was reflected in laws and institutions. This is how the system and societies evolved. No one woke up one day and said “let me go to court” and since then justice has begun. The administration of justice in one way or another existed long before Solon. Solon and each Solon, what they thought was to capture it and institutionalize it, in order to make the institution more effective, and in this case the laws. So is cooperation.

People with common problems, common interests and common goals talked to each other, then cooperated… until someone thought “since there is this need, let me institutionalize it”.

< p>Now that I have described, even casually, what partnership is or should be, think about how reasonable it sounds, how feasible it is to bring together people with the common goal of “giving low-interest loans to borrowers” and “offering high interest rates to borrowers”. depositors “and” return profits to owners “. Now go one step further and consider gathering people who will find other people who will put their money to build the partnership and the first people who will have the power and control will decide on the money or the “common” goal of remaining.

As much as many people think I have it with teachers and professors, they also had some positives. Their co-workers did not have the same bad luck as most of the others, not only because our teachers had guaranteed high incomes over time, but because the concept of co-operation in their management remained more alive. They too could give loans the way Marfin or the Agia Fyla SA gave them, but they were much more careful. They may not have always offered the lowest interest rate on loans or the highest interest rates on deposits, but they did not have the luck of the rest, and to some extent they helped their members.

In order for the partnership to succeed, it must have this feature. Start from the bottom up and not the other way around. If not, it will either fail or it will not be a partnership but something else. Most likely (still) a bank.

I wish I was wrong and I wish there was this feature in the new effort. However, from the statements submitted, I am not very optimistic.

Source: politis.com.cy

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