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The real value of Cypriot and international football

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The real value of Cypriot and international football

Evagoras Prokopiou

When the potential of the Cypriot teams of the first category is costed at 130 million euros and is about a hundred times smaller than that of the team at the top of the list in the world football firmament, you can feel awe for the money that surrounds football .

Football is not the most democratic sport in the sense that the best does not always win, but the most capable and in some cases the luckiest. The value of football is not only measured by transfers of millions, which in most cases are good value, but one can watch it by watching the “stock market” of football in real time.

There are, as in all forms of free markets, some constants that set prices and raise the index of the football stock market. Football teams have value and added value. They have their assets to produce objective or subjective value.

The rules are there and define the product in all its forms. Huge investments are being made worldwide for the “King of Sports”. Mammoth sports equipment companies, TV rights, pharmaceutical, construction, advertising companies, etc. all want a piece of the pie.

Footballers primarily as well as stadium and training facilities are the assets of a team. The “barks” to attract customers and investors. Openings that we see more and more intensely in Cypriot football in recent years.

There are many who offer a general plan for the value of team rosters but also for the value of footballers at regular intervals. It stands out, is considered and is probably the most authoritative, world-renowned transfermakt website.


The real value of Cypriot and international football

The “Football Exchange” exists and Cypriot football is included in its sphere of control. The human resources of the twelve Cypriot teams of the AD Category are estimated at € 130.58 million. Significantly reduced from last season is the total value of the league. In the period 2020-2021 it had reached € 138.87 million with an asterisk that in the then championship 14 teams participated in it.

While in the previous years and specifically in 2019, the 12 teams of the First Division had reached 115 euros. Compared to the previous season, there was a significant reduction in the total value of assets by 26,000,000 euros, with a footnote that the then championship of the season was held again with the participation of 14 teams.


The lead in recent years was held by the team of APOEL Nicosia, in the given period of time Omonia Nicosia took the lead by cashing in on its European games, but with a short head. The roster of Omonia reaches at the present stage € 16.28 million while that of APOEL which is in the second place reaching € 16.05 million.

The value of the Cypriot teams

Omonia Nicosia € 16.28 million

APOEL Nicosia € 16.05 million

Apollon Limassol € 14.38 million

Paphos FC € 13.55 million

Correction of Famagusta € 12.73 million

AEL Limassol € 11.93 million

Aris Limassol € 11.05 million

AEK Larnaca € 10.25 million

Olympiakos Nicosia € 7.88 million

Glory to Katokopia € 6.43 million

National Achnas € 5.55 million

PAEEK € 4.53 million

The number one footballer who plays in Cyprus at a cost of 2.5 million euros is the Polish Marius Sepinski of Aris Limassol. Second in the ranking is from another team of Limassol and specifically of AEL, Andres Chavez who reaches 1.8 million euros who shares the position with Gorky Kvilitaia of APOEL. While Iyayi Atiemwen of Omonia, Amr Warda of Anorthosis and Vukasin Jovanovic of Apollon close the first six with their value reaching 1.5 million euros. The first Cypriot football player we meet is Kostakis Artymatas of Anorthosis who is placed in 27th place, with a value estimated at 800 thousand euros.


The real value of Cypriot and international football

The gap that has been created in the world map of football you can understand at first glance. The value of the Cypriot teams participating in the Cypriot championship is a little over 130 million euros, while the value of the team that is first on the list in the world exceeds one billion euros.

This year's top ten in football clubs presents some important reshuffles in terms of historical teams that used to be on the high rooftops of the world football stock market. For example, Barcelona lost many places and is only in tenth place in this ranking. The Spanish team in recent years has lost significant assets especially in terms of its players with the most notable loss being that of Lionel Messi who moved to Paris Saint-Germain. This transfer move put the French team in second place in the standings. The mapping attempted by transfermarkt leaves out two Italian giants of world football, Juventus and Inter, which follow in the 11th and 12th respectively.

At the top of the top ten is Manchester City, followed by Paris Saint-Germain, both Arab-owned. Another important point is that five of the ten teams are from the English Premier League and are framed by three Spanish, one French and one German. This list stops at one hundred teams and there is no Cypriot team in it, while from the Greek championship Olympiakos Piraeus is ranked 76th with its value estimated at € 118.45 million.

The ten most valuable in value

1. Manchester City € 1.05 billion although it had a slight drop in value

2. Paris Saint-Germain of € 997.25 million although it added to its roster this transfer period and Messi its value fell

3. Manchester United with a value of € 937.25 million.

4. Chelsea FC with a value of € 882.50 million.

5. Liverpool FC with a value of € 879.50m million.

6. Bayern Munich with a value of € 852.90 million.

7. Real Madrid with a value of € 783.50 million.

8. Atlético de Madrid with a value of € 755 million.

9. Tottenham Hotspur with a value of € 697.00 million.

10. FC Barcelona worth € 676.50 million, lost several positions due to the loss of one of its most important financial assets Lionel Messi

The first eleven players as transfermarkt evaluates him at the moment are:

1 K. Ebape, France, € 170,000,000, Paris

2 H. Kane, England, € 150,000,000, Tottenham

3 E. Halland, Norway, € 140,000,000, Dortmund

4 Neymar, Brazil, € 130,000,000, Paris

5 R. Sterling, England, € 125,000,000, Manchester S.

6 K. de Braune, Belgium, € 120,000,000, Manchester S.

7 M. Salah, Egypt, € 120,000,000, Liverpool

8 S. Mane, Senegal, € 120,000,000, Liverpool

9 Τ.Α. Arnold, England, € 110,000,000, Liverpool

10 Tz. Sancho, England, € 100,000,000, Manchester C.

11 L. Messi, Argentina, € 95,000,000, Paris


The real value of Cypriot and international football

The top 10 highest paid footballers in the world according to Forbes and is a list that does not go along with the “market value” of footballers are:

1 Cristiano Ronaldo

Total earnings: $ 125 million

2 Lionel Messi

Total earnings: $ 110 million

No. 3 Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.

Total earnings: $ 95 million

4 Killian Ebape

Total earnings $ 43 million

No. 5 Mohamed Salah

Total earnings: $ 41 million

6 Robert Lewandowski

Total earnings: $ 35 million

7 Iniesta Men

Total earnings: $ 35 million

8 Paul Pogba

Total earnings: $ 34 million

9 Gareth Bale

Total earnings: $ 32 million

10 Eden Hazard

Total earnings: $ 29 million


A total of 20 football teams in Europe – or 3% of European clubs – are listed on a stock exchange in the Old Continent. Among them, according to UEFA data, are some of the most historic teams in the world, such as Juventus, Manchester United and Ajax. But there are some that are less well known to the general public, such as Aalborg from the Danish league. In terms of the value of listed teams, it is estimated at several billion dollars, given that the capitalization of Manchester United alone reaches 3 billion dollars.

The BIG-6 list of listed football teams

Manchester United: London Stock Exchange, capitalization $ 2.93 billion

Juventus: Milan Stock Exchange, capitalization of 1.13 billion dollars

Borussia Dortmund: Frankfurt Stock Exchange, capitalization $ 610 million

Roma: Milan Stock Exchange, capitalization $ 320 million

Lazio: Milan Stock Exchange, capitalization of $ 90 million

Porto: Lisbon Stock Exchange, capitalization $ 20 million


The pages include reliable and valid lists of the most expensive players by league, or by nationality. These include key elements of each player (age, position, nationality, team, price), as well as a report on the increase or decrease in their value in relation to the last rating. Depending on the capacity / popularity of each league or nation, there is a similar number of players mentioned (eg TOP-50, TOP-30, etc.). It is important that the changes in the value of the players are made in real time. The data we use are those that existed until September 26, 2021.

However, outside the lines, from the point where the fans enter the frame, the feeling, football is by far the strongest sport in the world of sports. The history of the European Super League, a closed league in which the leading teams of the Old Continent would participate with guaranteed contracts (lasting 23 years), highlighted many of the pathogens that exist in its structures. At the same time, he confirmed the dynamics that the ordinary people have (through it), especially when governments, institutions, but also the great protagonists such as football players and coaches are formed with it.

This article was written in mid-September for Forbes magazine

Source: www.philenews.com

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