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The reasons that led to the power cut in the occupied areas

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The supply will start again today to a limited extent, said Brahimis Koutsoloukas

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The possible delay in the receipt of the fuel led yesterday to the interruption of electricity supply in the occupied areas, while today, depending on availability, the supply will start again, the press representative of the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSMO) said on Thursday at KYPE. Brahimis Koutsoloukas.

Asked to comment on today's reports in the Turkish Cypriot press about power outages in the occupied territories, Mr. Koutsoloukas stated that yesterday information was received from the Cyprus Electricity Authority (ECA) that there may be a problem with the receipt of fuel due to weather conditions, which would entail restrictions in the ability to cover the demand and supply of electricity.

Mr. Koutsoloukas noted that until the data is evaluated, the supply to the occupied areas was stopped yesterday, around noon. He explained that based on the new data available, it appeared that a certain amount of power could be provided, so the supply will resume today on a limited basis and will be assessed on a daily basis depending on what happens to the fuel.

He added that a cargo of fuel was expected and because there was some concern that it would be delayed due to weather conditions, in order to have cover in case it is delayed, the amount available must be saved in order, as he said, “to cope in the event of a delay”.

He clarified that if there is no delay in the end, it will be possible to supply electricity, saying that if there is a delay “we will have to take measures in advance so that we are not exposed and can meet the demand”. Asked if there are sufficient quantities to cover the free Cyprus, Mr. Koutsoloukas answered positively, saying that there is no question of covering the demand in the free areas.

Asked about the amounts of electricity given to the occupied areas, Mr. Koutsoloukas stated that daily planning is done and depending on the needs that exist and the availability and capacity, an agreement is made at a technical level on how much energy will be given at each moment and this varies during the day.

Mr. Koutsoloukas said that the supply of electricity to the occupied areas is done within the framework of the Confidence Building Measures, which provides for an exchange of energy when there is a need, which will be offset by energy.


He added that recently there have been some cases of more needs from the occupants side and it was decided that payment should be made for the energy given because the quantities would be large and could not be offset in terms of energy.

He explained that there are some isolated cases where some contracts are made, of limited duration, where an amount is agreed to pay for the energy and as long as it is possible to provide it.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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