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The recommendations of Civil Defense after the yellow warning for storms and hail

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<p data-block-key=The Civil Defense Force, following a relevant announcement by the Department of Meteorology, regarding isolated strong storms that are expected to affect areas, mainly in the mountains and in the interior, makes the following recommendations to the public, with the aim of prevention and proper preparation for minimize risks and negative consequences:

  • Make sure the wells outside your home or workplace are not blocked.

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    • Make sure the gutters on your property are working properly.
    • If you have a basement in a vulnerable area with a risk of flooding, proceed with the excavation of a special water accumulation pit and install an automatic water pump. Remove valuables or expensive equipment from your basement.
    • If you live on a lot with a yard, leave loose soil where possible for the earth to absorb water.< /li>
    • Secure items that may be swept away by the water and moved (eg tanks, water heaters, etc.).
    • Repair any openings in enclosure walls.
    • Prepare sandbags to prevent water from entering your property if it is located in an area at risk of flooding.
    • If you are informed of the occurrence of heavy rainfall, limit your movements and avoid working and staying in underground areas.

    During the flood

    If you are inside a building:< /b>

    • Leave underground areas and move to safe high ground.

    If you are in an open area:

    • Do not cross a flooded road on foot or by car/bicycle/motorcycle.
    • Stop and change direction if you find yourself on a flooded road.
    • Abandon your car if it is stopped, as it may be swept away or flooded.
    • Stay away from power lines.
    • Stay away from landslide areas.

    After the flood

    If you are in open space:

    • Stay away from areas that have flooded or are at risk of flooding in the next few hours as:
      • flooding may have changed the features of familiar areas,
      • there are hazards from broken pavements and dangerously sloping areas, and
      • the waters may be polluted if they have been washed away with them various kinds of objects or even animals.
    • Don't obstruct rescue crews.
    • Don't use the phone unnecessarily.

    Before starting recovery procedures:

    • Remember that the risks of the flood does not recede immediately after the waters recede.
    • Ensure from the relevant authorities that your area is safe and you can return for restoration work.
    • Turn off the power and water supply switches.
    • Wear closed shoes and appropriate clothing to avoid injury.

    Self-protection measures against tornadoes

    If you are at home:

    • Remove items from the yard that could be moved by the tornado and securely secure those that are not.
    • Close doors and windows, but leave windows open. internal glass shutters, for quick equalization of internal and external atmospheric pressure.
    • Stay away from objects that can be moved and glass that may break.
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      If you are outdoors:

      • Watch if it is possible, the path of the tornado and move away as quickly as possible from the points it will pass, staying away from objects that can move and hit you.
      • If you can't get out of the path of the tornado in time, lie face down in a hollow, protecting your head with your hands, so you don't risk being hit by moving objects or trees that may be uprooted. 

      Source: reporter.com.cy

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