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The reenactment of the Resurrection of Lazarus took place again this year in Lempa

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In the community of Lemba, Easter customs were revived on Sunday, with the reenactment of the Resurrection of Lazarus by children of the community.

The representation, which took place after the end of the Sunday service, in the forecourt of the church of Agios Stefanos Lempa, tends to become an institution, said the President of the Community Council of Lempa, Thukydides Chrysostomou.

The children of the community, he added , they sing the song of Lazarus, reviving one of the oldest customs of the ecclesiastical and popular tradition. The goal of the community authority, he added, is the revival of the traditions of the place with the specific custom being "reverently observed for about twelve years".

According to the custom, the little girls of the community pour into the fields and pick flowers, which they decorate their baskets with, while they go around the streets of the village singing carols and collecting a small tip. Afterwards, the body of Lazarus is covered with yellow flowers and palm branches from the fields, while a child participates in the representation of the Resurrection of Lazarus.

Mr. Chrysostomou announced that the events will continue on Holy Saturday, while immediately after the Resurrection, traditional dishes, red eggs and feasts will be offered and games will follow.

Palm Sunday in the Prodrome

The representation of the entry of Jesus in Jerusalem it has become an institution during Palm Sunday for the Prodromios community. The initiative is undertaken every year by the Association of Expats and Friends of Prodromi. Locals and foreigners visited the Prodromi today, carrying floats, to take part in the event commemorating the event, with a procession to the Church.

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