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The refineries are leaving and a “mammoth” investment is coming

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Του Σωκράτη Ιωακείμ


According to exclusive information of the column, after the complete removal of the refineries from the coastal front of Larnaca, the first large development in the area will take shape. Specifically, according to reliable sources, the Israeli investment fund RKF Investments recently bought a large plot of land, with a total area of ​​15,000 sq.m. in the area and is preparing to submit his application for an urban development permit for a total value of € 30 million

The development will be located very close to the Larnaca Nautical Club and will include 100 luxury apartments, with restaurants and shops on the ground floor of the high-rise buildings that will be built. The prices of the apartments, as pointed out to us by a competent source, will be affordable for both Cypriots and foreign investors, as they will be clearly lower than the prices for the same range apartments sold in Limassol. Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras is also interested in the investment interest, who appears satisfied with the intentions of the foreign investment fund.

It should be reminded, however, that in the area Petrolina Bayfront Ltd has already bought three properties, with a total area of ​​76,254 sq.m., intending to proceed with development. RKF Investments has practical trust in the economy and real estate market of Cyprus, since since the beginning of the pandemic it has invested over € 20 million euros, with its latest investment concerning the purchase of the Minos Tower, in the heart of Nicosia.

Alfamega Supermarkets in the mountains

Alfamega Supermarkets are positive about the possibility of expanding to other areas of mountainous Cyprus. The great response of the public to the first store that opened, at the end of 2021, the chain in the mountains and specifically in Trimiklini, confirmed the company's estimates that the people of the mountainous areas seek the creation of large supermarkets, something that is strongly lacking in mountainous Cyprus. . The arrival of the chain, with a supermarket of 1000 sq.m. in Trimiklini, since last December, has attracted a lot of people, both permanent residents of Trimiklini and the surrounding communities, as well as tourists and people who keep holiday homes in the surrounding area. It is worth noting that the store of Trimiklini is the 19th & nbsp; of Alfamega Supermarkets.

Heliport in Troodos & nbsp;

The Environmental Authority recently gave the green light for the creation of a helipad on a state plot of land in Troodos, specifically in the area of ​​Linos, in the province of Nicosia. The project is located north of the Troodos Mountains, at the base of the Solea and Marathas valleys. The piece of the proposed development is state-owned and, as noted, all procedures have been promoted to be granted to the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. The project will include a helicopter landing and take-off area, two other car parks and small-scale building facilities for staff to rest when needed. The helipad will be used by police helicopters, for the needs of the Morfos police department, as well as the Fire Service, the Department of Forests and other services, for firefighting purposes and search and rescue operations, mainly in the Troodos area. It will also be used in exceptional cases and periodically in preparedness exercises of these services. Finally, the frequency of flights to and from the helipad is not expected to affect neighboring land uses and residential areas in terms of noise, as less than 60 flights per year are expected.

Invest is looking for talent Cyprus

Invest Cyprus announced joint action with respective organizations from 16 EU Member States to implement a series of initiatives aimed at attracting the best technology talent and promoting Europe as the best choice for work in the world. The joint declaration signed by the participating organizations states that they aim to exchange information and best practices of various European plans and residence permits for talent in the field of technology and to establish by the end of 2022 a European one-stop shop, the which will be staffed by a specialized team and will contribute to attracting talent to Europe, in addition to any national projects. The action will be implemented in collaboration with the European Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA). general European way of life.

Populism for closing bank branches

Reactions, protests, voices and accusations against the banks have been expressed recently, mainly by local authorities, for their decision to close branches. Realistically speaking, banks, since they are private companies and accountable to their shareholders, must take action to maximize their profit. There are individuals and legal entities that have invested tens of millions in the banks of Cyprus, expecting their investment to be repaid through the return of the banks to a dividend policy, something that has been done since 2013. No one has the right to suggest to others not to to streamline its store network and not to use digital technology. Each bank has the right to proceed with the merger of a number of its branches in all provinces, in order to reduce its operating costs and at the same time take the risk of losing customers by closing its branches. In fact, in remote communities they provide the possibility of service through mobile units. On the other hand, municipalities and communities, which advertise the digital services they offer to all those living within their borders to reduce their costs, accuse the banks of not being able to claim everything in the digital age and call on them to see the issue humanitarianly. So, in essence, digitization ala carte.

As the municipal councilor of Lakatamia that I am, the easy way would be to popularize and spoil this practice of the banks. I will not do that, however, because I believe that local authorities, like banks, need to explain to their customers how to use their digital channels, instead of “stroking” their ears so as not to lose votes. A recital of populism, however, was once again given by the Parliament, deciding to register the issue for discussion. Really, what do you guys discuss, the decisions made by a private company or your inability to explain to citizens how to make the best use of digital channels?

Distinction for Pan. Cyprus

This year, for the seventh consecutive year, the University of Cyprus is among the top 100 new universities in the world, this time occupying the 99th & nbsp; & nbsp; position, despite only almost 30 years since admission of his first female students. The results of the ranking of the best “new” universities in the world, ie universities that have been operating for less than 50 years, were recently published by the Times Higher Education. However, in recent years, the University of Cyprus has managed to be ranked in the top universities and in the three most recognized ranking lists: Shanghai List (Academic Ranking of World Universities), Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings./p>

Source: www.philenews.com

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