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The Research Committee threw away half the naturalizations

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The Research Committee threw away half the naturalizations

About half of the naturalization cases of investors and their relatives have so far been carried out by the members of the Research Committee and it now seems that the goal of issuing the first interim conclusion by the end of February will be achieved.

What “F” understands is that the intermediate conclusion will be final in terms of the aspects and the specific cases of naturalization that it will deal with. This means that the report that will be delivered to the Attorney General in about 3 weeks will not be reviewed or re-evaluated by the members of the investigation, during the continuation of the investigation and will simply be added to the rest of the report when it is ready, probably and a second quarterly extension that will most likely be requested and granted by Georgios Savvidis, in early spring.


YPOIK: Explanations to Naturalization Research The naturalization research is mediated by Odysseus's long deposition in the research for exceptional naturalizations

The information of “Φ” states that the Research Committee has carried out almost all the exceptional cases of naturalization of the first period (2007-2012) of the investment program, which were 141, according to the previous information. In addition, the survey has already covered about half of the naturalizations of the second period (2013-20), which total about 6,500 (including relatives of investors, who are relatives of about half of the naturalizations that took place).

From what has been explained from time to time by members of the committee, it is safe to conclude that not all files (approximately 3,500) will be studied or evaluated by the four members of the committee. However, partners are used to dust as many folders as possible, but, as already mentioned, a software program is implemented that allows, through various filters, to identify cases that for some reason are considered high risk.

These are not only those that became known to the public through publications in Cyprus and abroad or through the conclusion of Kalogirou or the two reports of the Auditor General, but also several others for which the committee has reason to believe that either they were not strictly adhered to. the applicable criteria when submitting applications, either followed by the relevant officials of ministries and services or the Council of Ministers different / looser / faster control and approval procedures.

On the other hand, an important part of the interim conclusion will concern the conclusions of the committee and the assignment of responsibilities for the legal basis of the naturalization program, the reliability and adequacy of the criteria and other conditions, the correctness of the handling of the competent officials and officials in receipt, examination and approval of applications, with emphasis on the glaring gaps, sloppiness, interventions of private intermediaries and officials, the derogations approved by ministers or the Council of Ministers and other pathogens, which were largely known through the deposits .

What follows

It is not clear at this stage how the committee's deposit schedule will be set up in the coming days or even weeks. Our information indicates that the date of submission of the former Speaker of Parliament Dimitris Syllouris has not been set yet, but his summons must be considered a given. The head of MOKAS, Eva Papakyriakou, and the governor of the Central Bank and / or another representative will probably be summoned to testify in the near future.

The intentions of the members of the investigation are to invite at some stage Maria Adamidou, a Member of Parliament who was seconded in 2013 to the office of the then Minister of Interior (sister of Andris Anastasiadis), but also another official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The minister Christina Kaoulla has already testified.

Today the deposition of Odysseus

Within the day, the Investigative Committee is expected to make public the testimony given by the Auditor General Odysseas Michailidis in a closed session. What was said between the members of the committee and Mr. Michailidis is of great interest, since he was obviously asked and answered about issues / conclusions / assessments that were not included in the two relevant reports of the Audit Office.

What happened to the leaders?

The fact that it has not been announced so far whether the political leaders who were summoned for this purpose appeared before the investigators for testimony or information, with the “queue” that they could respond if they considered that they had something important to testify, raises questions. It was said unofficially at the time that this queue / reservation had been raised for legal reasons, as the members of Parliament are covered by immunity and it was judged that they are not obliged, without lifting the immunity by the Supreme, to submit a statement to the Research Committee. Although we tried to find out if any leaders came before the committee, we did not receive any official information. However, information from parliamentary sources states that no leader testified before the committee, but one or two of them sent various documents to facilitate the investigation.

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