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The Research Committee was angry

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The Research Committee was angry

The decision of the Council of Ministers to increase the total remuneration of the members of the Research Committee for naturalizations was taken on 4/11/2020, with the approval of a relevant proposal of the Ministry of Finance, which had previously consulted with the Attorney General, who, as he stated, submitted the relevant request (s.s. from mid-October). Surprisingly, that decision was published in the official newspaper of the Republic two months and a little later, without anything being leaked in the meantime.

“F” published the decision on 18/1, as published in the official newspaper, caused a stir in the public opinion and in the parties and four days later, yesterday, the Investigative Committee announced that it rejects not only the increases, but any remuneration for the work to be performed by its members for a period of six to nine months.


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The chairman of the committee, Myron Nikolatos, said yesterday that their unanimous decision to work for free was made on January 19, a day after the announcement of the decision of the Minister to increase their total earnings (from about 10,000 euros to about 30,000 per member, if the work lasts for a final nine months). It is questionable that while the committee in a statement states that it informed the Attorney General of its decision from Tuesday 19/1, Mr. Savvidis did not make public anything, leaving the criticism – and against the committee – to continue. Media and MKD.


Source: www.philenews.com

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