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The resolution that “resurrected” Grivas – Demonstrations and reactions

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Το ψorφισμα πο&upsilon «ανεστησε» τον Γρiβα – Συλλαλη&tau ;orρια και αντιδρασεις

He may have spent the first 24 hours in the "low" the news of the adoption of a resolution by the Plenary of the Parliament with which it characterizes Georgios Grivas Digenis "unworthy of kind and honor".

Now the resolution in question monopolizes the interest since organized groups and factions express strong reactions. With 32 votes from AKEL, DIKO, EDEK and DIPA, expenses related to the Georgios Grivas Digenis foundation will be cut, as well as any other funds related to events, memorial services, construction and maintenance of monuments related to Grivas.< /p>

There were strong reactions from a number of nationalistic Associations and Organizations, while announcements were also issued by football teams.

APOEL Announcement

Correction Notice 

«The Anorthosis of Famagusta expresses its strong disagreement regarding the recent resolution of the Plenary of the Parliament, which was passed with 23 votes in favor and 15 against, where, among other things, Georgios Grivas Digenis is described as unworthy of any kind of honor from the Homeland.

General George Grivas Digenis was declared, as well as  Archbishop Makarios III, Honorary President of the Association "Anorthosis" Famagusta in 1959, by decision of the then Board of Directors, for their excellent service and struggle for Cyprus.

Our position is that the necessary time should be given to historiography to document the real causes and causes of the of the sufferings of this place»

Announcement by Averof Neophytou

Today, the candidate for the Presidency and President of DISY, Averof Neophytou, spoke about bomb on the foundations of national reconciliation.

At the same time, Averof Neophytou indirectly calls on Christodoulidis and Mavroyiannis to take positions, saying that the “joint venture” has the upper hand in the former. and for the second, AKEL.

Next Thursday, outside the House of Representatives, a rally organized by the Griva Digeni Foundation will take place. They will be attended by organized sets of groups and associations who express their opposition to the said resolution with posts.

Rally outside the Parliament

Yesterday the  Griva Digeni Foundation announced the holding of a rally on Thursday 5:30 pm  outside the House of Representatives.

In a statement, the foundation states: "We invite you to join your voice with us against the intentions of the parties of discord "AKEL-DIKO-EDEK-DIPA". A recommendation is made to cut off any expenses related to activities, memorials, construction and maintenance of monuments, guided tours and publications related to Grivas. […].

The organized fans of APOEL will also be present.

  Announcements were also issued by student factions in Greece and the United Kingdom



Announcement of the Panagrotic Association of Cyprus      A group of extra-parliamentary parties and organizations held a protest outside the Embassy of Cyprus in Greece  

Το ψorφισμα πο&upsilon «ανεστησε» τον Γρiβα – Συλλαλη&tau ;orρια και αντιδρασεις


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