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The restaurants are asking for extended hours with the reopening

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The restaurants are asking for extended hours with the reopening

The Pancyprian Association of Leisure Center Owners (PASIKA) in an announcement for the reopening of Leisure Centers states that the requests of the owners are completely justified, ie to operate without any thought of a change in the announced date and without any other negative change in the beginning. given to the Organization of PASIKA.

He adds that they also consider necessary and necessary the extended and satisfactory opening hours which will serve both the people and themselves so that they can operate on a sustainable basis.

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The Association notes that the delays in the payment of lump sums by the Ministry of Finance for various reasons have added even more to the problems that now extend to the letters of banks or companies that have sold loans and also threaten to seize property by giving and these 21-day warnings. At the moment there is no plan for the 3 months of 2021 that the universal closure was valid.

He further added that the members of the Association are having difficulty holding back from taking to the streets due to the dire situation they have experienced during the pandemic period and the prolonged closure, adding that many businessmen are in favor of tougher measures such as closing airports and roads.

Source: www.philenews.com

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