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The restoration and renovation works of the Berengaria hotel in Prodromos continue

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ΣυνεχΙζοντα&iota ; οι εργασΙες αποκατΑστασης και &alpha ;νακαΙνισης του ξενοδοχεΙου Βε&rho

The long-awaited development of Cyprus's most historic mountain resort and ever “jewel of the Prodrome”, the Berengaria Hotel, is now in the second phase of emergency restoration and renovation works by the well-known residential and commercial real estate development company bbf: which has undertaken the ambitious mission of reviving and reviving the legendary hotel.

ΣυνεχΙζονται ο ι εργασΙες αποκαταστασης και α&nu ακαΙνισης του ξενοδοχεΙου Βερε γγαρια στον Πρoδρομο

“The emergency restoration work currently underway concerns the necessary repairs both inside and outside the hotel,” said Mr. Andronikos Spyrou, Project Manager of bbf: and supervisor of the Beregaria renovation project, in a statement.

ΣυνεχΙζονται ο ι εργασΙες αποκαταστασης και α&nu ακαλνισης του ξενοδοχεΙου Βερε γγαρια στον Πρoδρομο

“At the same time, we are carrying out the complete cleaning and maintenance of the stone facades of the building as well as the restoration of all the stone seams that show damage. As part of the second phase of the emergency rehabilitation works for the repair and renovation of the building, we will also carry out the necessary strengthening works of the existing structure, which include concrete reinforcement, structural interventions to the slabs and beams on both floors of the building, such as and any other intervention deemed necessary to restore them to their original state”, adds Mr. Spyrou.

ΣυνεχΙζονται ο ι εργασΙες αποκαταστασης και α&nu ακαλνισης του ξενοδοχεΙου Βερε γγαρια στον Πρoδρομο

“All the aforementioned procedures have received the official approval of the Department of Town Planning and Housing and the competent authority for preserved buildings, ensuring that any work that takes place fully respects the status of protection and preserved status of the amazing Berengaria”, he added.

ΣυνεχΙζονται ο ι εργασΙες αποκαταστασης και α&nu ακαλνισης του ξενοδοχεΙου Βερε γγαρια στον Πρoδρομο

“The revitalization of the Berengaria Hotel is undoubtedly one of bbf's most iconic and highly anticipated projects. This ambitious development aims to restore the hotel to its former glory through the harmonious connection of the past with the present, to once again make the Beregaria Hotel a prominent point of reference and a true jewel of Prodomos”, according to the M. Oikonomidis architectural office – M. Akkelidou Architects Ltd., responsible for the study of the project. “The first phase of immediate interventions has already been completed. The second phase, which is expected to be completed in early 2024, is now underway. At the same time, the studies of the advisory group are progressing according to a schedule, according to which the completion of the project is expected by 2026”.

The primary objective of the restoration project is to protect the building as an important historical landmark but also to revive Prodromos as a more popular mountain destination for domestic and foreign tourism.The anticipated revival of the legendary Beregaria Hotel includes the incorporation of a host of state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities that will contribute to a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all guests. The hotel's suites are carefully designed to exude a warm and elegant atmosphere to guests, providing all the comforts one would expect from a modern high-end hotel. Guests will also be able to enjoy unobstructed views of the lush pine forest and the magnificent natural landscape that surrounds the hotel and unfolds in every direction, from wherever they are.

Beregaria Hotel aspires to become the ultimate mountain tourist destination throughout the year, offering incomparably unique experiences to its guests in all seasons of the year – a model mountain resort and must-see destination of the Mediterranean!

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About bbf:

bbf® is an established company in the residential and commercial real estate development industry with over 15 years of experience, headquartered in Limassol and with branches in Larnaca, Paphos and Nicosia. bbf: operates in four countries, including Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Canada. The company's core value is reflected in the brand promise, “build.better.future.” which aims to upgrade the quality of life of customers who choose to invest in bbf properties: whether for owner-occupancy, investment purposes or professional workplaces.With a diverse portfolio of over 145 developments to date< /em>, including iconic projects such as the Sky Tower, Marco Polo and Eden Roc, bbf: offers a wide range of properties, including apartments, villas, and commercial offices.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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