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The results of the 1st semester exams for the organized Parents are tragic

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The examination process for the 1st quarter, the results of which can only be described as tragic, is completely invalid and unrecognized, states the Pancypriot Confederation of Federations of Secondary Education Parents' Associations in a statement, a position which the President of the Confederation, Loizos Konstantinou, analyzed in the KYPE .

Speaking of the “suffering suffered by the children and their families”, the organized parents of Secondary Education note that “with our tolerance and signature, we are not going to reward the failure of Ministry”.

As Mr. Constantinou said, taking into account the tragedy of the results, the Confederation will address the new President of the Republic and the new Minister of Education, Sports and Youth with the demand that the failure be transferred from the children of the involved supervisors and inspectors as well as the Ministry”.

In the announcement and according to the statements of Konstantinidis, in addition to the demand for the cancellation of the exams,  it is mentioned that it is also particularly important that “not to wrong the our children due to the inability of those who had the responsibility to help and protect them and did not do so”.

The position of the Confederation and its President is also reiterated, that the implementation of the institution of four months has completely failed and therefore there is an urgent need for an immediate amendment of the relevant legislation.

The organized parents of Messi point out “with disappointment” that the written exams of the 1st quarter “unfortunately verified our fears and concerns, because precisely “the results of the exams can only be described as tragic, as tragic will unfortunately be their consequences” .

The President of the Confederation of Parents of Secondary Education denies, in his statements to KYPE, the fact that two letters to the Ministry of Education remain unanswered “with which we urgently requested that it take corrective actions so that they do not become victims the children”.

He notes on the subject that “the Ministry of Education has shown an unacceptable indolence and lack of intention and willingness to correct or even reduce the damage caused due to the serious mistakes and omissions of its own officials involved as well as of all procedures”.

In its announcement, the Board of Directors of the Confederation states that “the entire duration of the preparation, that is, competitions, suffocating timetables, excessive material in relation to the available teaching time, increased the stress, pressure and psycho-emotional load of the children ».

The organized parents include among the serious mistakes that “the preparation of the examination essays by the tutors was done long before the exams and the papers circulated unchecked for at least four weeks before” and as Mr.   Konstantinou said this does not only concern the essay of the Youth of Greek, for which a big issue was raised, but for all the subjects examined.

Also, the Board of the Confederation, in addition to the leakage of the examination essays, identified and recorded other serious errors and omissions in the writing process exams.

According to the Chairman of the Board, these serious mistakes also concern that the degree of difficulty of the papers was out of scope, the grading of the paper was absent, the duration of the paper was also out of scope, while the corrections and correction guides contained ambiguities and omissions”.

The result of all these factors is “a real failure, which is now confirmed numerically and measurably by the grades obtained by the children”.

In the announcement and what he said Loizos Constantinou, it is noted that “this failure rests exclusively on the Ministry of Education and in no case on our children, who are not going to be victimized for the mistakes of those who were responsible for conducting the exams, of the subjects, the inspectors and the Supervisory Authority”.

“They had the sole responsibility to control people and procedures”, the President of the Confederation pointed out, concluding his statement s.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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