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The revelations of a branch

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The revelations of a branch

The threats recently uttered by the president of ELAM, Christos Christou, to those who touch on the sensitive issue of not enlisting him and his party executives, provoked the reactions of the other parties. A reaction that could manifest itself when ELAM revealed its true identity, with its creation.

The answers “in military terms” and “unorthodox political war” may have caused reproach, due to the fact that Mr. Christou has not served in the military, but they are still concepts with which ELAM set up an industry of alleged anti-systemicity. The revelations about his executives, who were deemed unfit to serve in the Armed Forces, put ELAM in a difficult position, as it had based its demagogic rhetoric on patriotic crowns, sprinkled with military chants, raids, military units, etc.

Golden Dawn Branch

 With ELAM, apart from the non-enlistment of its executives, there are much more serious issues and they have to do with its very appearance and presence in the political scene of Cyprus. The approach of this presence should not at any time ignore the admission of Ch. Christos himself that it is the Golden Dawn of Cyprus, which tried to register with this title but, due to non-acceptance, was forced to be named ELAM. Mr. Christou had stated to Sigma in 2013: “We are the Golden Dawn of Cyprus. When the National Popular Front started, the name Golden Dawn was initially submitted, which was not accepted by the Ministry of Interior and that is why we proceeded with the creation of the National Popular Front “. In fact, he was asked if it is one and the same with the Golden Dawn and Mr. Christou with disarming honesty had answered: “We have never hidden it…”.

The revelations of a branch

Do not be deceived

 On the Golden Dawn internet channel in May 2016 , Golden Dawn MP Elias Kasidiaris specified things in terms of ELAM. In fact, those statements leave Christos Christou exposed once again, who tried to show that Chrysi Avgi and ELAM are just “sister” parties. Elias Kasidiaris had said: “ELAM is not a sister party, it is the Golden Dawn of Cyprus itself, do not be deceived […] The Golden Dawn, day by day, in all the Greek states – unfortunately at the moment we have two Greek states – we hope that at some point these two Greek states will unite… “.

 The typical “president” Ch. Christou

 Elias Kasidiaris was talking on that internet show with Angelos Ioannou, who was a candidate for the Golden Dawn MEP and then was transferred to ELAM, to work today in the Cypriot Parliament as a parliamentary associate of the Cyprus branch. In the same show, Christos Christou was presented as Michaloliakos' deputy and not as party president. At one point A. Ioannou called Ch. Christou “president” provoking the ironic reaction of I. Kasidiaris who said: “President… Well the president is formal. In order for the party to be recognized, it had to have a president… “.

Who pays?

The executives of Chrysi Avgi, however, with their statements have repeatedly exposed Ch. Christou and ELAM, since in no case do they leave room for misunderstanding as to who the boss is. Golden Dawn MP Artemis Mattheopoulos, also in an online show with I. Kasidiaris, referred to where the money goes from the sponsorship of the Greek state. Among other things, he referred to the offices of Chrysi Avgi in Greece and “the 2-3 offices that maintain in Cyprus”.

The revelations of a branch

Serial lies

 ELAM, with the greatest ease, denies facts which cannot be disputed. For example, Ch. Christou who in his recent TV appearances denied that he was a guard of N. Michaloliakos, despite the fact that H. Kasidiaris himself had stated this and despite the fact that there are photographic documents that present him next to the leader of Golden Dawn with the red jockey worn only by members of his personal guard. Mr. Christou also in his TV appearance as a candidate for President of the Republic, when asked in Mega if the photos of Mr. Michaloliakos with the swastikas and the Nazi greetings are a product of photomontage, he said the inimitable: “it may be a photomontage”! The same funny excuse was made by the spokesman of ELAM Geadis Geadis, for his own photo in which he seems to greet Nazi embraced with his brother Elias Kasidiaris. However, the river of lies has no end. G. Geadis, when the issue was raised for a representative of a party that does not appear in the reserve, had issued a statement referring to his injury while serving his term. In this way he had tried to present himself as injured while on duty in his homeland. In fact, he was injured in clashes between fans of teams, something he had hidden.

The prosecutor

 Both the secretary general of AKEL as well as the president of the Ecologists had made complaints about the activity of ELAM, such as the military-type high schools, but also attacks against foreigners and Turkish Cypriots. In no case the gen. prosecutor did not initiate legal proceedings although he should have. The most typical case was the one with the complaints of Mr. A. Kyprianou. The attorney general had found criminal offenses, but had ruled that the legislation was new and so he did not prosecute. The silence of the government is also resounding, which despite the blatant violations of laws for racist rhetoric, etc. has never condemned, even verbally, ELAM, which it may consider a valuable ally in Parliament for the passage of bills.

Source: politis.com.cy

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