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The right to waste

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Annual milk consumption per liter per capita: Europe 175, USA 218, Asia 143, Africa 29.

Annual grain consumption per kilogram per capita: Europe 110, USA 80, Asia 65, Africa 50.

Do not over-write… total food consumption in kilograms per year per capita: Europe 780, North America 862, Asia 680, South America 668, Africa 540.

The only staple food consumed most in Africa is cassava (a type of root), about 66 kg per capita (12.2% of their total diet) γεται produced in Nigeria and obviously does not tie in with our gourmet diet.

Daily calorie intake: Ireland 3,885, Greece 3,382, Cyprus 3,019, Mozambique 2,019, Central African Republic 1,786… not even half of Ireland.

Food wasted per capita year in kilograms: Greece 142, Sweden 81, USA 139, urban centers of China 150.

Problems in the supply chain, problems with the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices; and the whole rich world is crying over the impending food crisis. All (rich state controlled) international organizations issue warnings. Then the politicians and trade unionists from all over the world come out (including the trade unionists of companies, such as OEB and KEVE in our case) and call for horizontal subsidies. Worse are those who play it leftist or Church with increased social sensitivities.

Not one – not two – a politician was found to say “if we all go to the rich world in horizontal subsidies, we will strike even harder in the poor countries where the problem is much worse than the war in Ukraine itself and the problems in the supply chain. “

Honestly, I did not expect so much stupidity and so much hypocrisy.

Foods all over the rich world are subsidized directly and indirectly, instead of trying to reduce waste… which would also be ecological. The market would do that, but state intervention did just the opposite. The rich give money to households and the less wealthy put obstacles in the way of exports. Let the poorest vote.

Of course our pockets will be affected. Of course, some of our fellow citizens will have a hard time. Of course, a relatively small number in the western world will be hungry. For the latter, YES, targeted subsidies. But to generalize the situation and with our policies to aggravate the food crisis νά overwhelms me. hunger somewhere in Central Africa, we will send a container of farin lacte and the responsible European commissioner to a photo shoot to deliver them and we will be self-satisfied that we have social sensitivities and that we have saved them.

Those of you who (do not) have a socialist conscience, continue to demand new subsidies and above all in the protection of your human right to decent waste.

Source: politis.com.cy

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