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The right way to vote for the June 9 election. What you need to know

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    The right way to vote – Only blue or black voting pens – What you need to know

    The Chief Electoral Officer reminds that according to the provisions of the existing electoral legislation, the only designated points, with which voters can vote, are ” X' or '+' or '√'.

    In case the voter marks any other point or letter, by which it is possible to ascertain his identity, the ballot will be invalid.

    Electors should vote by marking one of the specified points, < b>in the box located below the column of the combination or in the small box located next to the name of one of the individual candidates of their preference.

    The voter is not entitled to vote for candidates from different combinations and/or individual candidatesas, in such case, the ballot will be invalid.

    It is noted that, in the event that the voter chooses to vote for a combination, he can simultaneously express his preference for candidates of the same combination, using preference crosses. The preference crosses must not be more than those provided for in the Law for each type of election. Specifically, for the Elections of Members of the European Parliament, a voter is entitled to up to two preference crosses, for the Election of Municipal Councilors and School Board Members one preference cross for every four (4) seats and for the Election of Community Council Members, one preference cross for every two ( 2) seats. It is emphasized that the maximum number of preference crosses is determined based on the number of seats and NOT on the number of candidates of each combination.

    Voters can be informed, specifically about their person, about the polling station/s in which they will vote, the electoral contests in which they have the right to vote, as well as about the number of these preference crosses, through the “Where and What I Vote” service.

    A video has also been posted on the Elections website with instructions on the correct way to vote.

    Only blue or black voting pens< /strong>

    The Chief Electoral Officer announces that, on the day of the election, there will be available in the polling booths in all the polling stations, for the purpose of voting, biro pennies, colored blue or black, for use by the electors, in the exercise of their right to vote.

    It is stated in this regard that if any elector votes with a pen of any other color, the ballot will be invalid.

    Therefore and, with the aim of protecting their vote, all voters are urged to use the blue or black colored pens, which will be present in the voting booths, to exercise their right to vote.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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