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The rivalry in Paphos is heating up. “Buying with gift vouchers” says Phaidonos – “Gifts” from the Mayor, Loizidis replies

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    The rivalry is heating up in Paphos – “Buying votes with gift vouchers” says Phaidonos – “Gifts” from the Mayor, Loizidis replies

    The confrontation in Paphos is in red while we count down to the election battle.

    The Mayor Pafos Phaedonas Phaedonos, said that on the eve of elections, citizens denounce organized efforts of staff to buy votes with supermarket gift vouchers and cash in envelopes.

    He described this tactic as “unacceptable” both morally and politically and argues that it demeans the voters and constitutes a “criminal offence”. worth. Paphos is not turning back”, he concluded.

    Loizidis answer

    The answer from Evros Loizidis did not take long., who notes that on the eve of the elections, Mr. Phaedonos seeks shelter in terror in the mud fan that always has an opportunity! “Whispering, backbiting, and gossip, when used officially, without evidence are merely non-existent and malicious slanders. In this practice of character assassination we are not going to follow! It is clear the outgoing Mayor's attempt to turn the pre-election period into an arena, in which he is baiting with gutters and lies! As is well known, supermarkets give out coupons all the time as part of their corporate and social responsibility or as part of offers. This is a common tactic and is not used for pre-election polling, as Mr. Phaidonos implies in his post. However, his own practices of extortion, threats and bribes are known to all Pafites with official complaints recorded, such as in the recent plenary session where a complaint was made by a municipal councilor, that an employee of the Traffic Police was calling and telling citizens to stop by to give them a gift from the Mayor! Your comments!”

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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