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The roads to Troodos are closed-Problems in the road network and a yellow warning

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Κλειστοοδ ρόμοι προς το Τρόοδος-Προβλorματ&alpha ; στο οδικo δΙκτυο και κΙτρινη προ ειδοποΙηση

Problems are still observed on the road network due to bad weather, with the Police announcing that the roads leading to Troodos are closed for all vehicles, while in various areas there is dense fog and therefore drivers are asked to be especially careful.&nbsp ;

Closed roads to Troodos

The following roads are closed to all vehicles due to heavy snowfall:

• Platron-Troodos

• Karvouna-Troodos

• Prodromos-Troodos,

Open roads for vehicles with 4-wheel drive or equipped with anti-skid chains :

• Pedoulas – Prodromou

• Pedoulas – Pinewood- Kakopetrias

• Prodromou – Platron

• Prodromou – Lemythos

• Lagoudera – Chandrio

• Palechorio – Agro

Open roads for all vehicles but slippery and dangerous:

• Pedoulas – Moutoullas

• Kykkou – Pedoulas

• Kakopetrias – Karvounas

• Kakopetrias – Spilion

• Karvounas – Kyperountas – Agros

• Agros – Papoutsas

Also, on Kykkos street – Kampou, rock and earth landslides have been observed.

In the district of Paphos, dense fog is observed on the Statos – Agios Fotios Chrysorogiatissa road.

It should be noted that due to the prevailing winter conditions, the situation on the road network is changing. The public is urged, as before their journeys, to be informed about the condition of the roads through the announcements made by the Police.

Yellow warning 

Meanwhile, a new yellow warning for rain and isolated thunderstorms was issued yesterday by the Meteorological Service.

The new warning will be in effect from midnight until 4:00 PM on Sunday evening.

< p>As noted, the effects will be more intense during the middle of the period, with the total rain exceeding 55 millimeters in 24 hours, while hail may also fall.

The warning is in effect until 4pm.

As reported, a combination of rain and isolated storms is expected to affect the region with the effects being more intense during the first half of the period.

The total rainfall may locally exceed 55 millimeters in the twenty-four hours, while it is likely to fall and hail.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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