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The sales will judge the “yes” of EDEK in the budget

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The sales will judge the

EDEK links the vote on the state budget for 2021 with substantial changes in the legal framework for real estate sales. At today's meeting of political leaders at the Presidential Palace, EDEK will wait for the answer of the President of the Republic regarding requests for the amendment of the relevant legislation.

According to information from “F”, EDEK expects the government to confirm that it will make specific moves, so that the sale procedures are suspended when the affected borrowers go to court. In fact, EDEK requests that the change in the sale regime be made by the government itself, in order to avoid the risk of its rejection by the Parliament. This is because in 2018, when the Parliament approved the strengthening of the legal framework for the sales, the majority of the opposition parties had rejected the proposal of EDEK.


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In the meantime, EDEK MPs Kostis Efstathiou and Elias Myrianthous prepared two other draft laws related to the sales. With the first proposal, they seek protection from the sales of the main dwellings, the commercial housing and the real estate used for agricultural purposes of the debtors, co-borrowers and guarantors. At the same time, they are trying to give the debtors the opportunity to go to court to claim the true balance of their debt, the legality of the mortgage and the suspension of the sale for specific reasons.

The second proposal proposes the protection of borrowers during electronic auctions and the adoption of provisions in the legislation which prohibits the use of funds in violation of the relevant legislation on Concealment and Confiscation of Revenue and on the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering. Another draft law prepared by EDEK will grant borrowers the right to buy their loan from banks at about the same price as the affected properties sold to investment funds. In addition, borrowers are considered to purchase their loans through bank financing. MP Kostis Efstathiou stated that his vote depends on the outcome of the bill. On the other hand, the president of EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, stated that the party's stance will be determined today, after the answers they will receive from the government. A competent source told “F” that the banking system does not raise changes in the legal framework for sales.

Source: www.philenews.com

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