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The same Pantelaki, the same… (Hatzi) my pantelaki for TAEP-We stayed at “will”

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Τα Ιδια Παντε&lambda ;ακη μου, τα

“There are problems and we are monitoring them”.

“With the start of the institution of on-call clinics the problem will be solved”. >“The TAEP of private hospitals will be introduced to the NHS and the suffering will end”.These are some of the verbose statements, which in some cases were even combined with incognito visits, so for the impressions. Words and promises from the relevant minister regarding the situation in the Accident and Emergency Departments of public hospitals, reminiscent of series reruns or the protagonist of the movie “Groundhog Day”, who is trapped and frozen in time.

The promises made by the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipantela, for a better image – without queues and suffering – in the TAEP of hospitals also remain stagnant in time, with the citizens still waiting to see that European image that they were ordered with the introduction of the General Health System in our country. In fact, in his recent statements, Mr. Hatzipantela admitted the problems again and indirectly put the blame on the Health Insurance Organization and the consultations it is carrying out for the inclusion of TAEP private hospitals in the NHS. But not in the absence of political will or determination… 

Instead of creating the conditions for more easily accessible hospitals for patients, more “thorns” are being created that prevent this goal from being achieved. Some time ago, the authorities called for the opening of on-call clinics and how this would decongest -at least on the weekends- the TAEPs. About five months later, a walk through the Departments can convince even the most disbelieving person that the institution has not become part of citizens' daily lives, while in some cases doctors are content with telephone diagnoses in order to prevent visits to the hospitals where on-calls are held. In the eyes of every citizen this does not look like a solution, but like the case of a patient who needs stitches in his wound and instead they put a Band-Aid. As it turns out, the solution for TAEPs was never in the emergency rooms, but it was another misreading of the situation by the authorities. 

And we have entered December and the issue that Michalis Hatzipantela himself invoked is still pending, i.e. the negotiations of the OAU for the inclusion of the TAEP of private hospitals in the General Health System, as a way of solving the multitude of problems, with things moving at a pace turtle. However, the margins are narrowing, since by January 1, 2023, according to the legislation, their inclusion should be completed. Now it becomes clear that, since the Organization is in talks with only one private hospital in the capital at this stage, it will not be able to offer solutions to the TAEP soon.

The superficial and temporary solutions taken for the problems plaguing the TAEPs, do not only torture the patients but also the staff of the hospitals. Mainly the doctors and nurses of the hospitals, who not a few times stayed away from their duties protesting about understaffing, which brought them face to face with angry citizens, due to the delays observed in the diagnoses, in the timely transfer of patients to beds and others. That is, instead of the implementation of the NHS and the mobilization of the private sector to facilitate the provision and use of health services, where and where political decisions and delicate manipulations are needed weakness continues to appear, resulting in everyone's suffering. 

If some feel offended by what is attributed to them from time to time, perhaps they should first do some self-criticism. For letting people suffer in lines, for running out of supplies, for failing to staff properly. For all those posts on social media that cause collective shame to citizens and… an unstoppable spewing of excuses at the authorities. 

TAEP is not a simple matter. No one advocates such a thing. They are complex and therefore their problems are often just as complex. And in order to solve them, seriousness, will and proper planning are needed. When First Aid comes last in the eyes of citizens, something goes very wrong. And it's almost never the beach…

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