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Thursday, February 2, 2023

The SAPA scandal continues to plague: Millions scattered, but… forgot A2 graduate for 20 years

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The funny thing is that at the same time that members of the council (SAPA) with their decisions allowed a unique party to be held on the backs of the taxpayer, they showed unprecedented negligence, leaving a graduate employee “stuck” for 20 years on the A2 salary scale. She was sentenced to be paid 1,000 – 1,350 euros per month, showing unprecedented negligence.

Not at all excessive what is recorded above. They come from a court ruling issued in early April that acquitted the official.

The complainant and the acquitted was appointed to the position of technician of the Paphos Sewerage Council, who holds a degree equivalent to the Higher Technological Institute on 17/04/2001, ie 21 years ago. Its salary scale was A2 (from 1,000 to 1,350 euros)…

There were three members

The council on 18/05/2009 decided to upgrade the complainant on the salary scale A5 retroactively. However, this decision was annulled by the Supreme Court on 17/05/2013, due to poor composition of the council, as three members were absent, while the relevant minutes were not recorded λεπτομέ

Xana mana…

SAPA re-examined the issue on 12/06/2013 to rehabilitate the applicant. Again, however, the decision was annulled by a second instance court (09/07/2015) for an identical reason. The Supreme Court concluded that “the material of the file and the content of the minutes do not indicate a proper invitation of the absent members of the board during the decision-making meeting, nor are the reasons for their absence recorded, an element that was pointed out in the first annulment decision.” .

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< p>The biggest illegality in the history of KD & # 8211; With private businesses 5,000 employees of the public and wider public sector!

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Presidential & # 8217; 23: “Anastasiadis regulator of his succession? ” of Kyriakos Pieridis

Source: politis.com.cy

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