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The savoir vivre of the pandemic: From the handshake, to the good manners of the fist and the elbow

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The savoir vivre of the pandemic: From the handshake, to the good manners of the fist and the elbow

Extending the hand to introduce, greet or seal a deal, the fingers are now closed and the point of contact with the interlocutor is the fist.

The teenagers temporarily forgot the “glue it” and greet each other with elbows or a light touch of their shoes, while the joy in a meeting of friends is manifested instead of a warm hug, with kisses in the air! The new reality that prevails during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic deactivated the contact, removed the handshake and left the embrace empty, while shaping new data in the rules of courtesy.

“The basic principle of savoir vivre, which applies to the eight billion inhabitants of the planet, is that we think of the other and do not do things that would bother him or put him in a difficult position.

So since kissing and shaking hands can potentially be agents of transmission of a deadly virus, we forget them “states the author and publisher Christos Zampounis categorically to APE-MPE.

His name has been identified with savoir vivre and he wants to make it clear that it is not rude to leave – for as long as necessary – the handshake aside, since health issues are raised.

“The strongest human instinct of all, is that of survival. Shaking hands, because it has been the proper way of greeting for centuries, endangers our very existence. So survival is stronger than the rules of good behavior “, says Mr. Zambounis and refers to the new ways of greeting that have been invented due to the circumstances, with the elbow or the fist.

The management of the awkward moment when a outstretched hand asks for ours, comments to APE-MPE the communication specialist Periklis Pileidis.

“What we need to do is clearly avoid shaking hands and instead stretch our fist or elbow. At the same time we can cover this colder behavior, with warmth and intimacy in our speech “he explains. What if for decades he advises politicians and candidate politicians on the techniques of proper handshake ύει Indicates the correct position of the politician next to his guest, the appropriate direction of the hand, the ideal duration of the handshake, and the appropriate intensity of the force to be exerted .

Today he puts these tips on the ice and stands with the politically correct… elbows and fists. “Elbow and fist will stay in our lives for a long time and are clearly less warm gestures than feeling the flesh of another in your hand. However, I believe that at some point a normal handshake will return “, estimates Mr. Pileidis.

According to him, if the next elections were next October, it would be difficult to change the behavior of candidate politicians in contact with their fans. “A handshake and a hug of politicians with the people they meet, they consider that translates into a vote and is something that, no matter how tedious and difficult, they need it a lot,” he points out.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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