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The sea connection between Cyprus and Greece was “drowned” in the pandemic

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The sea connection between Cyprus and Greece was

Despite the interest shown by potential bidders in securing the documents of the Open European Tender for the Cyprus-Greece Maritime Connection that would receive a state subsidy of up to 5 million euros per year according to the EU rules for Services of General Financial Interest (PS) no bids have been submitted by shipping.

The deadline for submission of bids was today 29.01.2021, at 12:00. The tender documents were prepared on the basis of the SGEI bid under the guidance of the European Commission. The demonstration of interest by the market, which was triggered by the press conference of 11 December 2020, led to the securing of tender documents by 24 distinct economic operators.

The non-submission of bids at the deadline may be due to the uncertain economic conditions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which undoubtedly affects the shipping sector, in particular the passenger and car ferry sectors.

The whole project of the Cyprus-Greece Maritime Association will be re-evaluated when the conditions allow it and after mediating contacts with the shipping industry, but always with the aim of maintaining the balance between the service of the General Financial Interest Service (SGEI) and the necessary of public money.

Source: www.philenews.com

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