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The sheep and goat farmers left the meeting at the Presidential Palace satisfied

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Satisfied, the groups of sheep and goats left the meeting held today at the Presidential Palace on milk prices and the survival problems they face.

In his statements after the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture Costas Kadis said that the meeting took place in a very constructive atmosphere, with President Anastasiadis initially informing about the Government's determination to implement universally what is provided by the Regulation establishing the carpet. PDO and to apply irrevocably the provisions of the relevant opinion of the Legal Service.

Mr. Kadis said that the sheep and goat farmers have set the challenges they face and the conditions for increasing milk production during the year and especially in the period August-December, when productivity is lower.

As he said, specific suggestions were heard and what they concluded was that the dialogue will continue with the other groups and there will be a meeting with the cow breeders. He added that a meeting will be held very soon with all the groups involved, so that a commonly accepted procedure can be reached without deviating from those provided for in the PDO Regulation.

He said that the prevailing issue is that of the prices at which milk is bought by cheesemakers, where there is a significant difference from the cost of production, which is greater than the cost of selling, which means that they work to their detriment. “Golden solutions must be found, which will lead to an increase in the wages of sheep and goats so that they can remain viable, because without remaining viable we will have neither milk nor halloumi,” he said.

Mr. Kadis said that the dialogue is continuing and expressed the hope that very soon we will have a complete settlement.

Asked if the sheep and goat farmers demanded an increase in the price of goat's and sheep's milk, Mr. Kadis answered in the affirmative, without saying how much this increase was requested. He added that it is generally accepted that in order to produce, they need an amount that is greater than what they receive and thus are not sustainable.

give increases, clarifying that it can not always be the Government that will create the increases but the market must be allowed to function and they must get the price they ask from those who buy their product.

Asked if there would be changes in the market until the consultations are completed, Mr. Kadis said that this round of consultations will be completed very soon, in a few days, and there is no need to discuss further what done these days. “The Government is determined to fully implement the provisions of the PDO Regulation,” he reiterated.

According to the Minister, noting that the President of the Republic listened to them with understanding and understands the problems they face.

Asked what they asked for at the meeting, Sotiris Kadis did not want to give details noting how the negotiation is in progress. Asked if the sheep and goat farmers are satisfied with the meeting, he answered in the affirmative, saying in particular that the President was very positive about the problems we have.

Source: politis.com.cy

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