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The situation with TAEP is at an impasse – “They have nowhere to take an intubated person”

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Στο απροχoρη&tau ;ο η κατασταση με ΤΑΕΠ-«Δεν Εχουν που να πΑρουν διασωληνωμΕνο Ατομ ο»

Shameful conditions that do not refer to a hospital of a European state, complains the Mayor of Paphos, who comes to add more fuel to the fire, in relation to the situation that prevails in the First Aid of the General Hospitals in all the provinces, with the Ministry of Health &nbsp ?so far not providing radical solutions, as a result of which the problems swell.  

“Paphos General Hospital first aid. Shame shame shame. They have nowhere to take a person intubated. The pediatric beds (4) are full and they are sending children to the Larnaca General Hospital. Something is not right”, says Phaidonas Phaidonos in his post.

Indeed, the Mayor of Paphos together with the post published the photo below:

Στο απροχoρητο η κατασταση με ΤΑΕΠ-«Δεν Εχουν π&omicron ;υ να παρουν διασωληνωμéνο Ατομο&raquo ?

​However, according to information, there were voices a few days ago about the situation prevailing in the First Aid Department of the Nicosia General Hospital, while in general there is discomfort from the medical staff of all TAEP.


Despite meetings upon meetings being held, with the involvement of all those in charge, so far no solutions have been provided to the seemingly bloated problem.

One of the solutions has been on-call personal doctors, however so far there is no decongestion and the image that prevails in TAEP does not show improvement, since many people seem to be uninformed.

It is recalled that, about a year ago, Michalis Hatzipantela had made visits to TAEP and announced solutions, without but to date the problems have been resolved.

In this whole situation, the delay observed, in relation to the inclusion of the TAEP private hospitals in the NHS.

It is noted that for many months  the focus is on on-call clinics, which theoretically will be another step in the improvement of the services provided to citizens, for which the authorities have a huge responsibility for their non-implementation to date.

The authorities, and in particular the Ministry of Health, instead of sitting down at the dialogue table and finding immediate solutions, they spend time assigning responsibilities, with one throwing it at the other, while they seem to remain in “will”, as a result of which the situation has now reached at a breaking point.

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