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The smile of journalist Georgia Psaria has gone forever…

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<p data-block-key=He was always at the forefront of events. A fighting journalist. A dynamic man, with personality, morals and values. A man alive, who was always smiling. However, Georgia Psaria's smile was to fade early, at the age of 49.

Georgia left for the big trip on Holy Wednesday, spreading immense sadness to her family, friends and the entire journalistic world.

Since last September diagnosed with cancer. He didn't bend though. He never budged and never surrendered his weapons so easily. She fought it bravely and fought a huge battle, until the afternoon of May Day, when she breathed her last in the Intensive Care Unit of the Nicosia General Hospital.

Georgia Psaria started her career in journalism from the newspaper “Politis”, where she worked for several years, while in 2018 she started working at the Cyprus Radio Foundation.

Εσβησε για παντα τομoγοδογρογ εωργας Ψαρι…

In one of the measured posts she made on social media about her personal life, she wrote about her health ordeal. In particular, he wrote “I've been thinking about it for the last few days if I should enter the process of writing. My last post seems to have caused some confusion, so I'm clarifying that the health test is not about a loved one, but about me.

And because in my life I have always been honest and never been afraid of words (quite the opposite. I love them all) I have no problem speaking out what I have to deal with. What I was diagnosed with has a name and it shouldn't scare us. It's called cancer and it blew my mind and metastasized. In short, he caught us asleep. You see "succeeded" rare species and it blew my mind. As for the exams I had to take from the beginning of September until now, I won't even bother to count them (I'm afraid I'll lose count like Bofiliu says!). Everything I haven't done since the day I was born I did in a month (everything here is paid for lol).

It's okay. Time does not turn back and we only have to see today and tomorrow (and it is a long time).

Yesterday the cycle of diagnoses closed for me. I read, I was informed, I listened. Many, many. I will not caress ears as no doctor I have met has caressed mine. All honest and sincere. And I totally appreciate and respect that. But each to his own work. The doctor in his science, I in my own strength and God above all. It may sound funny, as a typical believer who is in church all day, I have never been, but I fully believe that God gives me strength, he has always given me and heard my prayers, and he will help me through this trial as well. That's all I ask of him anyway. And with your prayers, which I also lost count of, I am 100% sure that I have what I need in full. And yes, that's all I need. Faith and positive energy. Nothing more, nothing less. I leave the diagnoses, the statistics, the stages, the incurability and the predictions aside. At this stage they offer me absolutely nothing. We said it, we saw it, let's go below.

As I said before, this circle is closed for me. I'm already in the next stage. Treatment. That's where I focus. This is what I have in front of me and this is all I will deal with from here on out. And I'm glad because my people and most of the friends who contacted me agree with my approach.

I'll close by saying just this: You can't imagine how "powerful" a person feels every time he receives a message full of optimism and positive energy. Incredible power. With all that you send me I feel like I have an army of people to keep me company. Thank you so much for everything. But for everything. And be assured, all of you, that I will do what you ask of me and what you expect of me. To give it ALL. This is my promise. I love you…”.

Εσβησε για παντα τομoγοδογρογ εωργας Ψαρι…

RIK, which was also her last professional station, states in its statement that “with deep sadness we announce the death of our beloved colleague journalist of the Georgia Psaria News Department. On behalf of the Administration, the General Directorate, the Directorate of the News Department as well as all the staff who knew and loved Georgia for her bright character and hard work, we express our heartbroken condolences to her relatives. Her memory is eternal”.

Farewell to the Government and the parties

Government and parties wanted to express the last joy to Georgia Psaria.

“Georgia Psaria belonged to the representatives of combat journalism who honored the industry with her ethics and hard work. In the last months, she fought a brave battle with cancer, with dignity and pride. Shocked to hear of her death, we extend our sincere condolences to her family. Her memory is eternal,” said the President of the Parliament and DISY in a post.

Εσβησε για παντα τομoγοδογρογ εωργας Ψαρι…

The Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Marilena Evangelou, in her post on social media, said “proudly and magically Georgia, you got through this too, like everything in life you… Have a good rest my fisher”.

Εσβησε για παντα τομoγοδογρογ εωργας Ψαρι…

The Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letympiotis, in his own post on social media, said that “Georgia Psaria left early, she fought bravely in the last months. One of the first journalists I met as a Government Spokesperson, I will forever cherish her honesty, honesty and kindness. A tireless and tireless professional. RIK and journalism are poorer than today, a great loss as a person. May her memory be eternal.”

The director of the press office of the President of the Republic, Viktoros Papadopoulos, wanted to address his own farewell to Georgia Psaria. On his personal account, on social media, he wrote “immense sadness for the loss of an excellent colleague and special person, RIK journalist Georgia Psaria. He fought a tremendous battle with unique mental reserves and dignity. Condolences and strength to her family. Have a nice trip Georgia”.

The director of the press office and MEP candidate of DIKO, Katerina Christofidou, in her own farewell, said “So premature. So unfair. "Gone" the beloved fellow journalist of RIK Georgia Psaria. Sincere condolences and courage to your family. Have a good trip to the light, our Georgia… ».

Εσβησε για παντα τομoγοδογρογ εωργας Ψαρι…

For its part, EDEK states in a related statement that “shocked President Marinos Sizopoulos, the leadership, executives and members of EDEK express their deep their grief over the death of journalist Georgia Psaria. Georgia passed away early after a tough battle with cancer.

The Press Office of EDEK also expresses immense sadness, which experienced Georgia's honesty, objectivity and exceptional character.

We express our sincere condolences to her family and relatives. condolences”.

The president of DIPA, Marios Karoyan, on his personal social media account, said that “on behalf of everyone in the Democratic Party, I express our immense sadness for the loss of RIK journalist, Georgia Psaria. He was an excellent professional and a truly special person. I convey our undivided support and sincere condolences to the family, her relatives and all her colleagues at RIK. Have a nice trip to the light Georgia. Your memory is eternal”.

The independent parliamentarian and co-president of the Volt party, Alexandra Attalidou, said in her own post “I express my deepest sorrow for the death of journalist Georgia Psaria. Such a pity! Her memory is forever. Condolences to her family and courage”.

Εσβησε για παντα τομoγοδογρογ εωργας Ψαρι…

Finally, congratulations to Georgia Psaria, the KEBE also addressed. In his announcement he states “The staff of the KEBE expresses its sadness for the loss of the journalist Georgia Psaria. Sincere condolences to her family”.

The teachers also bid farewell to Georgia Psaria, with the AKIDA union saying “Unfortunately, dear friend and journalist Georgia Psaria passed away prematurely and unjustly today. We will always remember her for her kindness, her humanity, her smile and her honesty. He also dealt with education issues for many years. Always fair and objective and an impeccable professional. To the good Georgia, eternal memory of you. May God rest your soul and ease the pain of your people”.

The journalistic team of REPORTER expresses its condolences to the family of Georgia Psaria. Her memory is eternal.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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