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The solution of the Cyprus problem based on human rights at an event in Nicosia

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<p> An event entitled “Cyprus above all…” was organized in Nicosia by the “Human Rights Solution” Movement. </p>
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    What the speakers said at an event entitled “Cyprus above all…”

    The Cypriot solutionon the basis of human rights and international law, asked the speakers at an event entitled “Cyprus above all…”, which was organized on Friday by the “Human Rights Solution” Movement at the Journalism Centre, in Nicosia. The event was coordinated by the MP of DIKO, Zacharias Koulias.

    The Archbishop Georgehe mentioned in his greeting that any solution that will be sought should not depart from international law and should in no way leave the prospect of Turkey's intervention to dissolve the State. “Such prospects of intervention are the acceptance of guarantees, the stay of settlers, the abolition of the Republic of Cyprus”, he noted.

    “We sought, with many sacrifices of our people, our integration in the European Union. We should persistently pursue for ourselves what other Europeans enjoy. No one can deny it to us”, he concluded.

    For his part, MP Kostis Efstathiouhe said that no one has the right to negotiate the alteration, limitation and disappearance of the human rights of our people. “No negotiator has the right to discuss and accept any solution, if it is based on the disrespect of the human rights of the Cypriot people,” he said.

    Then, referring to the subject of weighted voting, he said that based on calculations by the “inventors of weighted voting”, the scope of the vote of the European Union is 7 times smaller than that of the vote of the Union. “We have reached absurd points, because we ourselves devalue our human rights. A solution without human rights is an inhumane solution”, he concluded.

    In his greeting, the former Attorney General, Kostas Cleridis, stated that the issue is not both the finding and acceptance of a solution, noting that the ability and good will to implement it are much more important.

    Undoubtedly, he added, some limitations and some derogations are unfortunately unavoidable due to the state of affairs that has developed over the years. “However, under no circumstances can citizens be deprived of their rights, which are considered self-evident and absolute. In no case should restrictions be imposed, which would affect the very core of human rights and are not just peripheral in nature,” he added.

    “It would really constitute a dangerous retreat if any solution, instead of restoring the full application of human rights throughout the territory of the Republic, attempts to perpetuate or even expand their violation, and such a possibility will certainly not contribute positively to making a agreed solution applicable and sustainable”, he said.

    In his greeting, the lawyer and former Member of Parliament, Andreas S. Angelidis, stated that “it is clear the desire of a Member State of the European Union to achieve a solution that guarantees all and sundry human rights granted to us by the status of a Member State of the European Union, for an equal European future and for all legal citizens of the Republic of Cyprus , as they have, as an inalienable right, all other citizens and States of the European Union”.

    “It is depressing that a country, a member of the European Union, is negotiating a solution with illiberal and undemocratic specifications, because that is what Turkey seeks to impose”, added Mr. Angelidis.

    Afterwards, he said that the claim to freedom from military occupation, “I do not forget”, human rights and justice are clear concepts and conditions for a solution that will be able to survive, functionally, over time.

    < p class="text-paragraph">Furthermore, he spoke of “a course of struggle and assertion of law for a Cyprus, which must function as a normal State of the European Union with a fair and sustainable solution, without foreign armies, guarantees, invasive rights and discounts in the matter of human rights and in the European acquis”.

    In his presentation, where he dealt with aspects of international law in relation to the Cyprus issue, the jurist Nikolas A. Ioannidis stated that Turkey does not recognize the jurisdiction of international courts, pointing out that there is no possibility of appeal to the International Court of Justice in The Hague against Turkey.

    In addition, he recommended the issuance of warrants by the Republic of Cyprus for the arrest of Turkish officials regarding violations of international law, as well as the self-referral of the situation in occupied Cyprus to the International Criminal Court (ICC ), to investigate – among other things – war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    Referring to his proposal to prosecute Turkish officials for committing international crimes in Cyprus, Mr. Ioannidis explained that the ICC has jurisdiction over these persons despite the fact that Turkey is not a party to the ICC Statute, as the crimes are committed on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus .

    For his part, the jurist and former President of the Pancypriot Bar Association, Christos Cleridis, looking back on the path that led to the Guterres framework and its provisions, stated the reasons why it cannot be accepted and referred to its similarities with the Plan Annan, saying it is incompatible with basic human rights.

    Furthermore, he said there had been “unbelievable concessions” to the individual rights of Cypriot citizens, adding that the political leadership must to reposition the Cyprus issue on the basis of the solution of human rights and international law and to insist on it.

    The former President of DISY, Giannakis Matsis, in his greeting said that many correct decisions of the Council of Europe concerning the Cyprus issue were ignored by Cyprus.

    “It is our duty to manage our vast maritime wealth, that is why Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots should move forward united to offer future generations unlimited financial prospects. The participation of all of us in this effort should be our main goal,” he said.

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    Source: cyprustimes.com

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