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The Speaker of the Parliament met with the Archbishop – “We will cooperate for the good of the country”

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Συναντorθηκε με τον Αρχιεπiσκοπο η Πρoεδρος της Βουλorς-«Θα συνεργαστοyμε για τ&omicron ; καλτου τπου»

As the House of Representatives we know very well that we must cooperate with the Church for everything that needs to be done for the good of our country, said today, Friday, the President of the House of Representatives , Annita Dimitriou, at the meeting with the Archbishop of Cyprus George, at the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus.

The President of the Parliament, in her private meeting with the Archbishop in his office, congratulated him on his election and wished him good enlightenment and a good tenure. “We, as the House of Representatives, know very well that we must cooperate for everything that needs to be done for the good of our country, for the good of each individual citizen, with respect for the work of the Church and respect for the work of the State,” said Mr. Dimitriou.

Kyproos Georgios, for his part, thanked Mrs. Dimitriou for the visit and the intention of cooperation “which we did not doubt. And so far we have cooperation and in the committees we often sit and express our opinion. We are happy because we serve the same people and we have this intention to continue”.

The Speaker of the House presented the Archbishop with the emblem of the House of Representatives, while the Archbishop reciprocated with a picture showing the preaching of the Apostles Paul and Barnabas before the Roman Antipatos in Paphos.

It is noted that the meeting between the Archbishop and the President of the Parliament lasted about an hour. After the meeting, Mrs. Dimitriou and Kyproos Georgios made statements.

Mrs. Dimitriou stated that the “issues we have to deal with as State and Church are many, complex and special and with respect to the role of everyone, separately from the State, separately from the Church”. I think, Mrs. Dimitriou continued, that the message today, once again, is that with collaborations we can secure the future that is appropriate for the benefit of every citizen. “We have had an extensive discussion on several issues with absolute respect for the position of the Church and of course as the Archbishop himself said in his enthronement speech, the Church has its opinion and the decisions belong to the State”, added the President of the Parliament.

Asked about the topics discussed, Ms. Dimitriou stated that, among other things, the Archbishop was informed about parliamentary diplomacy, i.e. the actions that “we are taking in particular for the Cyprus issue as a Parliament, the contacts we have had or will have”. He also mentioned that bills that are before the Parliament were discussed and the debates on sensitive issues, such as that of euthanasia.

For his part, Kyprogios Georgios thanked Mrs. Dimitriou for the intention expressed for the cooperation of the Parliament with the Church for the good of the people. “We serve the same people through the bills of the Parliament, but also through other decisions taken by the Church”, he said. “We are at the disposal of the Parliament to express our opinion, to point out any difficulties that our people will have from a bill, but also to express our own opinion and it is in their discretion to enact a law and we will simply call the people to stand in front of him, with his freedom”, said the Archbishop. We promise, he added, that we will continue these meetings for the good of both.

Asked about the priorities he had set before his election and which concerned, among other things, the support of large families and student residences, the Archbishop stated that “we are studying these issues and places and positions that will become student residences, but also the ways which will activate what we had previously announced for the support of those with many children, but also the support of those people who must staff our state”.

  We cannot, he added, have fewer children than those who die. “We have to see it as a national issue and that's exactly what we should be concerned about,” he pointed out. In addition, he stated that substantial assistance will be provided to avoid the issue of childlessness. “It is a proclamation from which we will not back down,” he said.

Asked if there is any development regarding the elections in the Diocese of Paphos, the Archbishop stated that from the day of the enthronement, the Statute gives ten days for to declare the throne vacant. “Today, tomorrow, we will give the circular that will be read in the temples of Pafos, with which we will invite the world to choose the three, who will come to the Holy Synod, as a Tri-person, so that the Holy Synod can make its choice” he said .

When asked about the transition to the Archdiocese from the Diocese of Paphos with the assumption of his new duties, Archbishop George noted that the problems are both quantitative and qualitative. “The situation here is more difficult and I knew it, but I believe I have the will to face them,” he concluded.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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