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The Spokesperson comments on reports that the diplomat receiving an irregular foreign allowance was the PtD

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    “No matter how many times the issue comes up again, it will not disorient the Government” – Letymiotis' response following a report by the Audit Service about a diplomat who received a foreigner's allowance when he was not entitled to it and the reports that this is the President of the Republic

    Reports in a newspaper, that the diplomat who, based on a report by the Audit Service, received a foreign allowance while he was not entitled to it, was the President of the Republic, the Government Representative was asked to answer.

    As Konstantinos Letymiotis said, this is not the first time this issue has been raised.

    “It is an issue which is not the first time, it was raised again in the past, I remind you also during the pre-election period. A documented response was then given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the basis of a relevant note, which fully documents and justifies the decision,” he said.

    And he announced that no one will disorient the Government from her work.

    “Please allow me to make a comment that, no matter how many times an issue that has already been raised during the pre-election period comes up again, no one will disorient the Government from our determination to proceed with the necessary institutional reforms aimed at modernization of the state” he said.

    When asked if he thinks the latest positions of the Auditor General were appropriate, the Representative said “no, I have not said such a thing. What I have mentioned is data. The issue in question has once again occupied the public sphere. Answers have already been given on this issue and at the same time we consider it very important to mention our determination, our commitment which continues to be high in promoting the institutional reforms which, after all, he himself the President of the Republic had announced during his annual planning in January”.

    The allowance, according to the report of the Audit Service, continued to be paid after the relevant decision on the transfer in Cyprus it did not have a duration and indeed on the grounds that while he was serving outside Cyprus, he was called without sufficient warning to return to Cyprus for official reasons.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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