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The stadiums, the floor and the… rapid test before the match do not open!

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The stadiums, the floor and the… rapid test before the match do not open!

The stadiums are not expected to open in the next phase of relaxation of the measures. As noted by the member of the epidemiological teams, Petros Karagiannis, in radio statements he gave on Tuesday morning (SPORT FM 95.0). He cited the reason why the opening of the stadiums could not be possible, while as a possible time point, the end of March.


Regarding the possibility of people returning to the stadiums: “Nothing has been discussed in this regard, all discussions are in general. No decision has been made. We will continue to discuss various scenarios and beyond that the decisions will be taken by the cabinet on Thursday “.

If he considers it possible for people to return to the stadiums: “At the moment we still have a relatively high number of cases, I consider it a bit scary. Any relaxation should be done with caution. Let's be patient a little longer and this may be possible by the end of March. I do not see it happening on March 1st. It is impossible for all activities to open from March 1 “.

For the crowds in the malls and supermarkets: “In the supermarket one will meet with each other for a few seconds. When you are on the field you will be next to the same people for more than an hour and a half. I understand that it is an outdoor space but it matters how close they are to each other “.

Regarding the possibility of a rapid test by fans who will go to the stadium: “This could be done but there will be an influx of people at the sampling sites. The KOP could suggest such a thing “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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