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The State is in dire need of an active youth, said the PtD

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    The greeting of the President of the Republic at the awarding of the 2024 ONEK Youth Awards

    Society and the State are in absolute need of an active youth, a youth who will believe deeply in the mechanisms of the Republic, in participation and in political dialogue, said on Wednesday the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, in his greeting at the awarding of the Youth Awards 2024 of the Cyprus Youth Organization (ONEK) where young men and women were awarded, who distinguished themselves for their action and creations in social contribution, entrepreneurship, environmental action, sports, culture and many other fields.

    President Christodoulidis stated that the “Youth Awards 2024” somehow fit into the context of the Year of Youth 2024, which was declared by the State through a decision in the Council of Ministers. “I believe that tonight's event should be established as an institution every year to award our young people who are role models for other young people and we are at your disposal as a State to work together to make the event an institution,” he said.

    He also added that “as a State we wish to promote the decision to designate 2024 as the Year of Youth and we aim both to upgrade, strengthen and expand the involvement of young people in decision-making processes and to develop and support their activities, skills and mental durability”.

    He emphasized that society, as well as the State, are in absolute need of an active youth, a youth that will believe deeply in the mechanisms of Democracy, participation and political dialogue, a youth that will demand a more effective state, that will ensure a system genuine meritocracy, free from party and personal connections. But above all, he continued, “our youth need to envision, dream and fight for a more hopeful, more innovative and more progressive future”.

    The President of the Republic congratulated ONEK for its work and stated that “as a Government, from the first moment we assumed the reins of the country, we placed the issues concerning the Youth very high in our priorities. And for this reason there was also the decision to make 2024 the Year of Youth”.

    President Christodoulidis stated that the creation of direct communication channels between young people and the Government was a priority, and for this very reason, the online platform “VOICE OF THE CITIZEN” was created very recently, through the Office of the Citizen's Commissioner, in which the young and young people from the age of 17 can express their opinion on issues that concern them, that concern the public debate and “by extension we as the executive power take them into account in our decisions”.

    He added that “at the same time, we are collaborating with the Cyprus Youth Organization for the operation of the EKFRACY online platform, which is ready and will be launched very soon”. He explained that in EKFRACY, young men and women of Cyprus, live, in real time and directly, will discuss with State officials, with the President of the Republic, Ministers and others, and will be able to submit their questions, suggestions, even their criticism of the Executive Power and whatever is wrong with our country.

    “We want, and we show it with actions and not words, that young people participate effectively in the decision-making processes, we are here to to listen, to listen to your wishes and aspirations and together to co-shape the present and the future of our country”, he said.

    He also stated that in the coming weeks the Bill will be submitted regarding the “Legislative Initiative of Citizens, through which even with the collection of 5000 signatures you will be able to submit proposals for bills to be debated and implemented”.

    The President of the Republic also said that today, unfortunately, is the first time since World War II that a significant percentage of young people are growing up with fewer opportunities than their parents had. “Taking this fact into account, we have proceeded with important decisions regarding housing policy, youth entrepreneurship, the contact of young people with culture, the connection of education with the labor market and many other policies,” he noted.

    Furthermore, President Christodoulidis, speaking about the Cyprus problem, stated that “as a State we are primarily working for peace, the achievement of a viable and functional solution to the Cyprus problem”, pointing out that “this is our only goal, because peace in a place is the most precious commodity and the fertile field for every young man and woman who wants to live and thrive”.

    Finally, he expressed his support for all young men and women, saying that “we will be next to you, we will support you, we will be inspired by you and together we will work for the Cyprus that we all dream of and seek. A Cyprus of substantial participatory democracy, a Cyprus without occupying troops with our young men and women being the protagonists”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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