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The state of suffering forces citizens to ask for bribes

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The state of suffering forces citizens to ask for bribes

What if citizens wait for five, 10 or even 15 years in order for the Land Registry to consider a simple application for the separation of plots or the settlement of border disputes or the issuance of a title deed?

In the Land Registry you need patience, patience and again a lot of patience! As the senior official of the Land Registry, Mr. Kyriakos Papaioannou, revealed yesterday before the Committee on Institutions of the Parliament, more than 100 thousand overdue cases have accumulated! All of us citizens pay for the omissions of the current rulers who left timeless problems to accumulate in the Land Registry. Due to the increased workload and lack of staff, recruitments were made recently after 10 years, the Land Registry can not meet its institutional responsibilities and serve, as it owes, after all, in a reasonable time the citizens. Due to this unacceptable situation, which is also encountered in the Services of the Ministry of Labor where delays in the payment of benefits and pensions lead people to hunger and misery, citizens are forced to resort to parties, MPs, mayors, ministers and those in power in general in order to to satisfy a just request that has been crawling for months or even years in government service drawers. Citizens are forced to ask for interventions or otherwise rusfetti, to use such practices and methods for the simplest and most obvious, because they escaped with the “broken” public telephones. They can no longer afford to wait for the competent government agencies to do their job properly.

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