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The State should immediately procure flying fire-fighting equipment, the Environmental Movement supports

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Το κρατος να π&rho ;ομηθευαμΕσπτητικΕ μΕσα π&upsilon ;ρσβεησ, υοτηρζει ηΠερια λλοντικor Κiνηση

The state should immediately procure volatile fire-fighting means to prevent future incidents, the Cyprus Environmental Movement says in a statement, expressing sadness and indignation at the environmental destruction caused by the fire in Paphos province. 

The Movement states that it unequivocally condemns “the acts of negligence or malicious intent that lead to such disasters and the lack of response of the firefighting forces, due to a lack of flying means of extinguishing fire at the time they were needed.” At the same time, she expresses her gratitude to those working under adverse conditions to extinguish the fires.

“President Christodoulides' statement that tenders have been announced and the Republic of Cyprus will acquire its own means of flight, does not satisfy us. This should have been done 5-10 years ago or even earlier,” states the Environmental Movement. “If economic interests did not allow the provision of the state with volatile firefighting means, it is the responsibility of the state to overcome the interests and the problems,” he adds.

The Environmental Movement Cyprus proposes, among other things, an increase in resources, personnel and equipment for the immediate response to fires, training on fire prevention and response and public awareness, in schools and communities, immediate restoration of burned areas and protection of sensitive ecosystems.< /p>

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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